Because of my INSANE love for food, I’ll share with you guys my little food discoveries as I explore and hunt out more Vegan friendly places to eat in Singapore. As you know, its really difficult to find Vegan food in Singapore (asian countries in general). Even if you do, you’ll be taken aback by its exorbitant costs. Over here, I’ll provide you a spectrum of options of different price range. The general consensus is that you have to be rich to be Vegan. Its true to a certain extent especially if you don’t prepare your own meals at home and eat out most of the time. However, food these days OF ANY KIND are getting increasingly expensive not just solely Vegan food cos of inflation and all.

Whether you’re Vegan or not, these places are 100% carnivore approved (meaning my non Vegan friends enjoyed it very much too) And they are still worth a visit. Hopefully they will change your perspective on Vegan foods. 



Vegan foods are extremely palatable and satiating. You’ll be able to enjoy a plethora of options (not just veggies) as the vibrant colours greet your eyes. You won’t have to count calories as it is completely guilt-free and best cruelty-free. 

~Bon Appetit~

#1: Grain-Traders

#2: Afterglow

#3: Project Acai/ Absolute Acai

#4: Sarnies