160m Above Ground

The morning was beautiful and we had a whole day of activities planned out perfectly for an awesome Friday 21st October. The plan was: Breakfast at my place, Nic’s doctor’s appointment, Cups n Canvas, and Future World exhibition at Arts Science Museum.


Breakfast + Grocery Shopping

The menu of the day was fluffy pancakes and waffles. And because I just got my camera, getting a stunning photo for my blog was utmost necessary. Presentation (this includes having blueberries/strawberries and a myriad of colours on my plate) is key and time is of the essence as well. By the time we were done grocery shopping, it was close to 11am. I took a bold move by whipping up a brand new pancake recipe which I haven’t tried that I gotten from some Youtube video and made my own modifications. While I was mixing the batter, it got so thick and I panicked for a moment there. To salvage my mistake, I kept adding rice milk. Thankfully, it got slightly better. A wild and cheeky Nic would occasionally pop his head into the kitchen to watch me which I felt really embarrassed about because it would just add pressure on me plus the batter was already messed up. A few times I tried flipping the pancake by tossing it up in the air, but to no avail, I always fail ;( Perhaps next time then. The tough part was finally done, and the fun part (the assembly) is now here! Take a look at how it looks! Delectable isn’t it 😉 Unfortunately it didn’t turn out as good as it looks. The pancakes were really chewy, but taste wise it was not bad.

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I’m Back

It’s really been awhile since I’ve written a post. A lot of things have happened while I was on this hiatus away from gooyokers. From changes in my relationships to entering into a completely new environment (aka. university). July and August was probably one of the worst periods of my life, the most challenging one at that. I’ve made mistakes and life-changing decisions – got out of a relationship, and got into one within the past 4 months. And during times when I felt down, I’d strayed down the wrong path, doing the most rabak stuff possible, having alcohol almost everyday, essentially killing myself slowly. I’m glad that those days are gone and I have moved on in life.

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Handmade Heroes!

I never really liked conventional products that you find off the shelves of Watsons or Guardian. They are always loaded with weird chemicals and stabilisers that were absolutely foreign to me. Do we really need such chemicals to make our skin glow? And personally, because I have sensitive skin, I would have to be extra careful about the products that I use. I always believed in organic and natural stuff to nourish our bodies on the inside and out. In my search for cruelty-free make up, I found Handmade Heroes at the corner of Naiise and thought, hey this seems pretty natural plus no animal testing was done, immediately I signed myself up receive these awesome goodies.

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Acai By Selva

If there’s one thing I have to eat for the rest of my life it would be Acai. I literally ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner once or twice before and till today I am still not sick of it. For those of you who reside in Singapore, the only acai places available are Project Acai, Afterglow, Haakon, Superloco, and Absolute Acai (pretty limited options if you ask me). Plus, a bowl of acai is not cheap here in Singapore, it easily costs up to $15 SGD ($11 USD). So instead of spending my money and time traveling, I took the liberty to make my own Acai smoothie bowls and smoothie at the comfort of my own home! With courtesy of Selva foods, I allowed my imagination to run wild and did a little twist on my very own version of an Acai Smoothie bowl, adding fruits and a myriad of flavours that would satiate my taste buds.

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Is Honey Vegan?

Most of you may or may not know this, but honey is actually not Vegan. Despite the fact that we aren’t directly killing bees to harness their honey, we are still enslaving, exploiting and stealing their honey which they have worked so hard to obtain. Each bee has to visit 50-100 flowers in order to fill their stomachs. To make just 1 pound of honey, bees would have to visit 2 million flowers and they would’ve flown 55,000 miles (which is about 2 times around the world). And we are just taking all their hard work away from them for our own selfish consumption.

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Vegan and Pet Ownership

Most of you guys wouldn’t know this (or at least I didn’t), is the controversy of pet ownership while being a Vegan.

Why is this a concern?

You might be thinking, as long as we feed our pets Vegan food, it’s completely fine because we’re still not supporting the meat industry. However, let’s look at this issue from a ethical perspective. Ethical Vegans strive towards a day where animals of any kind are no longer considered property, or held in captivity. The whole idea of animal liberation is not compatible to pet ‘ownership’. Domestic pets even in the best case scenario, they are exploited to reproduce in order to create cross-breed species that we humans desire. We train them to be compliant and servile. So for as long as we stand, complete animal liberation is our ultimate goal, to evict them of this environment of vulnerability and give them the freedom they deserve.

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Do Vegans Drink Alcohol?

There’s always this huge debate on whether Vegans are allowed to drink alcohol, and if they can whether they should or not. People tend to associate Vegans to a ton of restrictions. I hope as you read my blog, you’ll find out that despite not eating meat, dairy and eggs, we still aren’t missing out on much in life. The whole part of being a Vegan for most of us is for the sake of our own health. Its all about feeling our best and being in the right state of mind at all times. So if the question is can vegans drink alcohol? the answer is only certain brands.

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SuperMeat | Meat of the Future

Recently, I chanced upon one of Freelee’s videos of her promoting the consumption of meat. Curious, I went ahead and watched her video. SuperMeat is the latest craze amongst Vegans and animal activist. They are currently in the process of developing a system to produce a small scale of cultured meat. It’s like growing meat in a petri-dish. Best part is that there isn’t any animals harmed in the process!

How do they do it?

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Raw Vegan Matcha Oat Balls | MyMaha Mix

My latest obsession is with oat balls and this recipe that I’ve made is inspired by teenyweenytreats a little startup selling Vegan treats such as oat balls, tarts and cereal bars. They offer a wide a range of flavours, from nutty nuts to chocolate cinnamon. My personal favourite is the nutty nuts because its overloaded with peanut butter goodness. Show them some love by ordering their treats via their instagram

Anyway back to my recipe.

This Raw Vegan Matcha Oat Ball recipe is the easiest one ever. It’s simply combining all the ingredients into a single bowl and mixing it up! It literally takes less than 10 min to get it done. Jammed packed with plant-based protein, it serves as a great afternoon snack that is convenient and portable especially if you don’t have time to fix breakfast for yourself. Without further ado, let’s get into the ingredients:

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Dealing With Non-Vegan Loved Ones

Family and friends are the people we hold close to our hearts. The struggle that many Vegans face is often rejection from their loved ones. Because food is just such an integral part of our lives, that our food preference and dietary requirements becomes a huge consideration on deciding where to eat. I admit that Vegan food is pretty expensive and not readily available, especially in Asian countries. It’s kind of ironic that the ones we love are the ones that have the hardest time accepting us. Personally, my parents found it strange that I wasn’t ordering my favourite sashimi, steak and chicken rice. What more I no longer ordered desserts, a must-have for me after every family dinner on Saturdays. Despite the fact it took 1 month for them to find out, opening up to them was the hardest. It’s always the why question that gets me. At that point of time, I was still pretty fresh into Veganism hence I wasn’t really knowledgeable in that aspect. My mum was the one that flipped. I had a huge argument with my parents and I just broke down and cried because I thought as parents, they should give me their full support. As for my friends, I am glad that none of them shun me away or thought that I was weird. They are super supportive of me and accepted my life-changing decision to become a Vegan. It’s because of them that’s why gooyokers.com is born.

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