Week #2 of May



Vegan doughnuts by Well Dressed Salad Bar! I can’t believe I only discovered this 2 weeks ago. Initially Nat and I thought we could get some off the shelf when we headed there about a month ago, but no. It wasn’t until after I followed well dressed on instagram that I found out we’re supposed to pre-order on Fridays only. These petite doughnuts come in many AMAZING flavours of which I chose: Cinnamon Sugar, Original Sugared, Oreo, Green Tea Pistachio, PB Jelly, Dark chocolate almond, Vegan Cheesecake. My favourite was the Oreo and the Cinnamon Sugar! 😛 They’re going at $2 per doughnut and because they’re really tiny (5.5cm in width), I bought 20 doughnuts at $20.50 (the 50 cents was because the Cheesecake flavour is a premium one). All of them tasted legitimately like actual doughnuts. Apparently, they’re made out of coconut oil and oat milk only for the base. :O Its such a pity they don’t sell these everyday. Then again, if they do, I’ll probably be stuffing myself with it everyday too 😛 . So if you wish to order these awesome doughnuts, please DM them on instagram on Friday before 8pm, and you’ll be able to collect it after 4pm on Saturday.

Who dare say Vegans are missing out on life?


Halsey Badlands Album

Halsey’s voice is seriously dope. I went to searching for Halsey’s albums after hearing her song ‘Haunting’ on the Abercrombie and Fitch Summer playlist (which I wrote about in my previous weekly obsession). My top 2 tracks that I always loop: Castle and Control. She also has a Huntsman Winter’s War version too (she looked stunning there). The song kinda reminded me of Lorde for some reason or at least I get the same vibe.

Oh and I recently launched a mail list page. So please click on it and check it out 🙂 Basically, you’ll get a chance to receive regular updates from Gooyokers and possibly some discount codes on health products 😉

<So sorry this Weekly Obsession post came out 3 days late> 


April Obsessions



A couple of weeks ago I went grocery shopping with Natascha and we came across this brand of granola. Granola is my staple in ANY cereal/smoothie bowl because of its crunchy-ness. I didn’t purchase it then because I still had some granola back at home. Yesterday I decided to have a go at it. And OMG this is AMAZING and super healthy. Unlike most Granolas that are highly processed and coated with sugar, Lizi’s granola doesn’t use refine sugars like corn syrup and other weird chemicals. Thats the reason why Nat and I were super drawn to this product – the ingredients weren’t foreign to us.

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