Acai By Selva

If there’s one thing I have to eat for the rest of my life it would be Acai. I literally ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner once or twice before and till today I am still not sick of it. For those of you who reside in Singapore, the only acai places available are Project Acai, Afterglow, Haakon, Superloco, and Absolute Acai (pretty limited options if you ask me). Plus, a bowl of acai is not cheap here in Singapore, it easily costs up to $15 SGD ($11 USD). So instead of spending my money and time traveling, I took the liberty to make my own Acai smoothie bowls and smoothie at the comfort of my own home! With courtesy of Selva foods, I allowed my imagination to run wild and did a little twist on my very own version of an Acai Smoothie bowl, adding fruits and a myriad of flavours that would satiate my taste buds.

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Raw Vegan Matcha Oat Balls | MyMaha Mix

My latest obsession is with oat balls and this recipe that I’ve made is inspired by teenyweenytreats a little startup selling Vegan treats such as oat balls, tarts and cereal bars. They offer a wide a range of flavours, from nutty nuts to chocolate cinnamon. My personal favourite is the nutty nuts because its overloaded with peanut butter goodness. Show them some love by ordering their treats via their instagram

Anyway back to my recipe.

This Raw Vegan Matcha Oat Ball recipe is the easiest one ever. It’s simply combining all the ingredients into a single bowl and mixing it up! It literally takes less than 10 min to get it done. Jammed packed with plant-based protein, it serves as a great afternoon snack that is convenient and portable especially if you don’t have time to fix breakfast for yourself. Without further ado, let’s get into the ingredients:

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Vegan On-The-Go Snacks

One of the many reasons why people aren’t Vegan is due to the lack of convenience on this lifestyle. I agree that it’s tough to find healthy snacks in college or at your work place. The convenience stores nearby have shelves that are stacked with endless brands of junk food (potato chips, chocolates, sweets) that we have no other option but to choose from there when we are desperate for a snack. Also, looking at the refrigerators we have ice creams, sodas, and other sweet drinks, all of which aren’t ideal if you’re looking for something healthy. Snacks are really important because it keeps your metabolism going and it’s best to eat something after 4 hours of not eating (so that your metabolism doesn’t slow down) . In this lifestyle where theres no calorie restriction, we highly encourage intuitive eating, meaning you eat when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. However, let’s not get too over ourselves and still be mindful of eating foods that make your body feel its best. Here are my top 5 favourite snacks i love to carry on hand, they won’t go bad easily and a complete life-saver to me.

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Vegan Grilled Tofu Guacamole Wrap Recipe

One of my absolute favourite cuisine is Mexican! The cafe I worked at previously (The Living Cafe), had the ‘Vegan Grilled Tofu Guacamole Wrap’ on the menu. After ordering it once, I was hooked. It had the perfect combination of grains, protein, fibre/greens, and fat. I just simply HAD to replicate it in my own kitchen (cos I can’t afford to eat there all the time). My recipe I came up with myself is super simple and only has a few ingredients. And because I had extra guacamole, I decided to use it as a dip for my tortilla chips.


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Matcha Madness


Smoothie bowls are my absolute favourite way to start my day. I have a massive sweet tooth so fruits are a great way to satiate my taste buds. The ingredients for smoothie bowls or nice-cream bowls are pretty much easy to obtain and you probably already have at home. The base of my smoothie bowls are bananas!! For the entire first month that i became Vegan, I ate banana nice-cream every single day for breakfast. Till today, its still my number 1 fav. However, instead of just using bananas, I added ‘sugar, spice and everything nice’ into it 😛 I like to add chopped dates, coconut nectar and sometimes a little coconut cream.

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