Review on Pita Pan and Pita and Olives

Being a Vegan does not mean that you’re restricted to just eating Western cuisine (spaghetti, potatoes, salads). You will also get to enjoy a myriad of other cuisines such as Mexican, Mediterranean, Chinese, Indian, Malay, etc. with Mediterranean being one of my favourite. This means having hummus, chickpeas, falafels, pita breads and many more. Whats best is that its 90% Vegan (I ordered a 100% Vegan one) as they offer meat too (for Pita and Olives). Pita Pan is fully vegetarian while Pita and Olives has a non-veg menu.

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#Review: Brownice


Firstly, the decor… wasn’t the best I’d say, I heard that they recently renovated but seems pretty meh to me as if they didn’t. Secondly, the Menu is really extensive and its 100% Vegan! So thats a major plus point 🙂 We (bryan and I) ordered a ‘BBQ Chicken’ pizza. It was topped with soy chicken and Vegan cheese. And also, the pasta (which I forgotten which one it was but it had the word ‘cream and mushroom’ ) The pizza was great, especially if you’re looking for a meat-free alternative yet you miss the taste of meat. It taste deceivingly like meat. However, I don’t miss the taste of meat neither do I crave for it. If I was given a pizza that’s just topped with veggies, I’d rather that. Its more authentic and oriental that way.

The pasta on the other hand, wasn’t really up to our expectations. It said ‘creamy’ so we assumed it to have a creamy texture made up of cashews or cauliflower or something. The name of the dish was misleading itself. That aside, it was literally drenched in olive oil, pretty much like how aglio olio is but thats cos I try to avoid oil as much as possible thats why I didn’t enjoy it as much.

For dessert, we had a waffle with Gula-Melaka and Strawberry Mango ice cream. I was super amazed that the waffles were vegan! Brownice’s specialty is their ice cream which will never fail to surprise and disappoint. I tried almost all the flavours because I just couldn’t decide on which one to go with my waffles. The waffles taste distinctively different from a regular waffle though which I’m quite upset about. It was fluffy but it wasn’t as crispy and sweet/tasty as a regular waffle. Nonetheless, I still love them for being able to make them Vegan 🙂

Once again, the staff there are really friendly and patient with me, the lady allowed me to try every ice cream flavour available then 😛



8 Sin Ming Road, #01-03 Sin Ming Centre, 575628


55 E Coast Rd, 428772


#Review: Sarnies

As a Vegan, there are several things I miss. One of my all time fav was llaollao aka yoghurt. However, in Singapore we’re so blessed to have COCOWhip (right) . This decadent dessert/treat has a yoghurt-like texture and best part is, it is only made using coconut water. Hence, absolutely guilt-free. I chose the original flavour but they had other awesome ones (which i have yet to try) like the flavour of the day, matcha, and others which I  forgotten. You’ll also have the option to top it off with sweet toppings. I chose chia seeds, goji berries and Vegan brownies. Lastly, I jazzed it up with salted caramel syrup 😛

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Review: Project Acai and Absolute Acai – Acai hype


Project Acai and Absolute Acai – Acai Hype

For most of you who think smoothie bowls is solely a breakfast option, thats because you haven’t experienced an Acai bowl.

What is Acai? so what is it about this bowl that everyone is raving over?

Acai is a superfood which is essentially a type of berry. It’s said to contain all the essential amino acids and nutrients required by the human body. Also, extremely high in antioxidants and rich in omega fatty acids. for more benefits of acai, click here.

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Review: Afterglow

This place is NOT BAD. I say so because there are several things I love and yet some I find not so impressive. Let’s start with reasons why I love this place. Firstly, the decor is absolutely stunning. A dimly lit cafe with a rustic feel to it. If you’re looking for a romantic and classy restaurant to go to, this is the perfect place 🙂 Secondly, they had a reasonable spectrum of Vegan options to choose from. (obviously, cos its Vegetarian cafe after all) They also have raw food options too! Thirdly, the staff are really friendly and approachable.

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#Review: Grain-Traders

This cafe has been my latest obsession. Firstly, the decor is pretty vintage which I am a sucker for. Upon entering, You’ll be greeted with a huge menu on the wall as well as a really long queue (i went during the lunch hour thats why). Secondly, they have a wide range of veggies and grains/carbs for you to select based on your own preference. Yes, its a customisable bowl in which you get to choose and I chose(photo on left):

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