Journey To Lazarus Island | Singapore Adventures

It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, the weather is absolutely perfect for a beach outing. Because it was my birthday, B decided to take me on an adventure, a getaway from the bustling streets of Singapore. We just simply needed a short break from work. I had no idea where B was going to bring me, so like a clueless goat, I followed. The day began with me being late to meet B, as usual. I was told to meet him at 8am but ended up only yanking myself out of bed at that time. That costs us to be late for the ferry at Marina South Pier. Hence, we just decided to take a detour back to Promenade and have my favourite cup of hot chocolate at Sarnies.

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Seek for Happiness No More!

Happiness has always been there. It has never left us. As a child, all we could think of was living in that moment, our hearts full of joy, smiling from cheek to cheek. We never had issues with playing with kids of other races/religion. As kids, we saw everything as it is, fascinated by even the slightest creations, being grateful for even having food on our table. However, as we gradually transit to adolescent phase and subsequently an adult, we are inundated by opinions of others, society’s standards of what things ought to be. We then become afriad of how others perceive us and follow the herd blindly. In the process of growing up, we lose our ability to see the beauty in alot of things around us. What do You want to achieve in life? Is it to be happy? Are you working from dawn till dusk in order to be happy at the end of it all? If You have such thoughts, my question to you is why wait?

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Save Marine Lives

Close to 1/3 of the planet’s fish stocks are overfished and 1 in 4 species of sharks, rays and skates are threatened with extinction. In just 4 decades, marine species have declined by 49%, according to one of the most extensive surveys of marine life ever compiled. In less than a human generation , we see a dramatic loss of ocean wildlife — they have declined by half and their habitats have been degraded and destroyed . 

<Adapted from> 

There is no better time to save these marine lives from overexploitation and pollution. Our demand for fishes have caused many other species of fish to be caught in the process and end up being waste because they simply do not have any market value. Corals are suffering from poor water quality due to deforestation and coastal agriculture , along with increasing fishing pressure. Corals are now dying at a unprecedented rate, they are also being bleached. Despite some coral reefs having the ability to bounce back from bleaching and other ocean disturbances, the rate in which ocean acidification is happening, definitely is not a favourable situation as it slows down their ability to do so.


Keeping in mind how important oceans play a vital part in our economy, it is imperative that we take immediate action. If you’re thinking that you are just a small drop in the ocean, there is an opportunity in which you can contribute to saving these beautiful marine creatures while at the same time shop till you drop.

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The Anatomy of a Lover

If they cut me open, would they find a lion-heart beating in tandem with yours (lub-dub-lub-dub) sorrow flowing through the vena cava nostalgia fermenting in the left ventricle or an irregularity of euphoria granted permission to bypass tricuspid and bicuspid because too much of a good thing can kill. 

I am not a scientist but I know chemistry when I see it and not the strafer pink or celestial blue sediments in test tubes, but the crippling explosion of fireworks under the ribcage beneath my sternum up to the clavicle and down to the tailbone when your fingers dance between mine. ‘

Wong Su Ann

<adapted from equatorial sunshine>


Around The World with $20

It was B’s birthday on the 15 of May and so I decided to take him on an adventure ‘around the world’ . One of Singapore’s most iconic feature is our Gardens By the Bay. They have 2 domes : Cloud and Flower domes. Why is it ‘around the world with $20’ ? Its because they have a wide range of plant species from all over the world and it cost $20 for Singaporeans to get entry into both domes. A reasonable price to pay for a tour around the world. The flower dome features plants from Mediterranean and other semi- arid subtropical regions. The dome is huge (about 75 Olympic sized swimming pools. Its complemented by the changing of flower fields every season. Hence even if you have already been to Gardens by the Bay, its always still worth going the second time when a new season arrives. As for this season (spring), it was tulips.

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Inspiring Individuals



Last Saturday B and I headed to Hood Bar to support his fellow friends at a gig. Apparently, every Saturday Hood Bar will have guest performers on for ‘Original Night’. This means that these musicians will have a chance to showcase a few of their own self written songs. I’m so heartened by the fact that more of such platforms are available for our local talents to show-off their creativity and sick skills. The arts scene in Singapore is finally picking up some speed.

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