Dealing With Non-Vegan Loved Ones

Family and friends are the people we hold close to our hearts. The struggle that many Vegans face is often rejection from their loved ones. Because food is just such an integral part of our lives, that our food preference and dietary requirements becomes a huge consideration on deciding where to eat. I admit that Vegan food is pretty expensive and not readily available, especially in Asian countries. It’s kind of ironic that the ones we love are the ones that have the hardest time accepting us. Personally, my parents found it strange that I wasn’t ordering my favourite sashimi, steak and chicken rice. What more I no longer ordered desserts, a must-have for me after every family dinner on Saturdays. Despite the fact it took 1 month for them to find out, opening up to them was the hardest. It’s always the why question that gets me. At that point of time, I was still pretty fresh into Veganism hence I wasn’t really knowledgeable in that aspect. My mum was the one that flipped. I had a huge argument with my parents and I just broke down and cried because I thought as parents, they should give me their full support. As for my friends, I am glad that none of them shun me away or thought that I was weird. They are super supportive of me and accepted my life-changing decision to become a Vegan. It’s because of them that’s why is born.

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Reality Slap Me Hard

From what I’ve learnt, there are 5 stages of grief – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and lastly, Acceptance. I think I’m currently in the stage of denial. Still believing nothing has ever happened to us. I personally think that sometimes we need our own space, to sort out our thoughts. Just when everything seems perfect to you, doesn’t mean it will always be the case. Call me a fool for putting myself through this, but I think we need this. If we get through this, it will only make us stronger.

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Seek for Happiness No More!

Happiness has always been there. It has never left us. As a child, all we could think of was living in that moment, our hearts full of joy, smiling from cheek to cheek. We never had issues with playing with kids of other races/religion. As kids, we saw everything as it is, fascinated by even the slightest creations, being grateful for even having food on our table. However, as we gradually transit to adolescent phase and subsequently an adult, we are inundated by opinions of others, society’s standards of what things ought to be. We then become afriad of how others perceive us and follow the herd blindly. In the process of growing up, we lose our ability to see the beauty in alot of things around us. What do You want to achieve in life? Is it to be happy? Are you working from dawn till dusk in order to be happy at the end of it all? If You have such thoughts, my question to you is why wait?

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Save Marine Lives

Close to 1/3 of the planet’s fish stocks are overfished and 1 in 4 species of sharks, rays and skates are threatened with extinction. In just 4 decades, marine species have declined by 49%, according to one of the most extensive surveys of marine life ever compiled. In less than a human generation , we see a dramatic loss of ocean wildlife — they have declined by half and their habitats have been degraded and destroyed . 

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There is no better time to save these marine lives from overexploitation and pollution. Our demand for fishes have caused many other species of fish to be caught in the process and end up being waste because they simply do not have any market value. Corals are suffering from poor water quality due to deforestation and coastal agriculture , along with increasing fishing pressure. Corals are now dying at a unprecedented rate, they are also being bleached. Despite some coral reefs having the ability to bounce back from bleaching and other ocean disturbances, the rate in which ocean acidification is happening, definitely is not a favourable situation as it slows down their ability to do so.


Keeping in mind how important oceans play a vital part in our economy, it is imperative that we take immediate action. If you’re thinking that you are just a small drop in the ocean, there is an opportunity in which you can contribute to saving these beautiful marine creatures while at the same time shop till you drop.

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Dealing With Low Self-Esteem

I believe that everyone at some point in their life would have dabbled with the issue of low self-esteem. It is inevitable to lack confidence in something. I personally struggled with acne and weight. My acne was just rampant especially over my forehead while I kept having this image that I was fat when clearly by society’s standards I wasn’t. No one is perfect, we’d all have to face this issue and go through these roller coaster of emotions. However, in order to ensure things still follow through and that the ride is a smooth one despite ups and downs, I’ve complied some tips on how to deal with low-self esteem.

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Vegan Celebrities and Influencers

Part of why we eat meat is due to society’s influence. Celebrities, Politicians and nowadays Instagram famous people, are setting the trends and whatever they eat or do will have some sort of impact on their audience. They have shaped our perception on things. They have set the standards as to what is normal. This is why many of us are afraid of attempting something different. To be bold and courageous to have our opinions. I find this particularly prevalent in Asian communities where we are taught to just follow instead of having a mind of our own to make decisions and have our own opinions. Fortunately, we have Vegan celebrities and Instagram influencers that are bold and brazen, going against social norms to promote what they believe is right for themselves, the animals and others. That’s right, promoting Veganism.

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Weight-loss Transformation

I was never considered overweight (other than primary school) nor did I look really chubby. But I struggled a lot with my weight and body image even till this day. As I was scrolling through my photo album (on my phone), I came across my old photos and compared it to my recent photos. I was pretty shocked that I evidently lost weight/fat around my thigh area. When Bryan took photos of me, I’d always ask:

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Dealing with Haters

Since becoming A Vegan, there have been many people that have chosen to shun away from me. To many, the term ‘Veganism’ is associated with it being a cult. Rather unfortunately, more often than not it’s those that we love dearly that hurt us the most. My parents for one simply do not understand why I became Vegan. I’ve shared with them my opinions, and I wanted to show them some videos of what happens behind the scenes of a slaughter house. However, my mum in particular was too afraid of knowing the truth. For those of you aspiring Vegans or Vegans out there, I’m most certain you’ve encountered such instances. Here are some tips on how to deal with haters based on personal experiences that I’d like to share.

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5 Tips to Start Your Day Right

fruit-juice-1332072_19201. HYDRATE WITH LEMON WATER

Hydration is crucial especially after long hours of not drinking any water for 6-8 hours while we’re asleep. Typically I’d drink 1 Litre of lemon water before I start my day. I’d use half or sometimes an entire lemon and squeeze its juice out into my mason jar and fill it up with warm water. You may be thinking ‘aren’t lemons acidic?’ However, when we drink it, it actually turns alkaline which is thus similar to our bodies pH of 7.30-7.45. Drinking 1L of lemon water 30 min before consuming your breakfast will help to detoxify and wake your digestive system up, revving up your metabolism.



Matcha Smoothie Bowl
Matcha Smoothie Bowl

It’s best to begin your day with raw nutrient-dense fruits. Mornings are also the best time to consume fruits before introducing any cooked food into your gut as fruits are fast digesting. Should you mix cooked foods with fruits, you’ll experience bloated-ness. Our cells thrive on glucose (simple sugars) and fruits is the most healthiest source of fuel. Instead of eating eggs/toast/bacon for breakfast, why not eat a banana nice cream topped with medley of fruits. This matcha smoothie bowl recipe is available under the recipes category. *Tip* consume melons alone. Melons have high water content and hence digest really quickly. Should you choose to consume melons, do so first thing in the morning before any other fruits.






Stretching improves blood circulation to the muscles especially after sleeping in a single position for hours. It also prevents injury, relieving your joints and muscles of stiffness. You don’t have to do extensive stretching like splits, a little yoga would be good. Touching your toes, bending from side to side, ankle rotations etc. would suffice. Alternatively, a short walk around your neighbourhood park would be extremely refreshing too. It’s great to get some fresh air anyway.


4. SMILE INTO THE MIRROR woman-801897_1280

To start your day on a right note, it’s important to tell yourself in the mirror ‘it’s gonna be a great day’ and smile. We often underestimate the power that a simple smile has to brighten someone’s day and that includes yours. It may seem ridiculous in the beginning, however it definitely boosts your confidence and uplifts your mood instantly. It’s comforting to see ‘someone’ smiling back at you (though its your own reflection). Try this out, you’ll be amazed.






Music, depending on the genre, really impacts one’s mood and emotions. Classical music lowers blood pressure, induces relaxation, reduces anxiety, and warms up a part of the brain used for abstract thinking. I’d usually put Arctic Monkeys’ AM album on my stereo while I carry out my daily activities. Spotify has amazing playlists already in place for you to discover and explore. My favourite track at the moment: Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High by Arctic Monkeys.