Celebrating the end of Y1S1

Semester 1 literally flashed passed within a blink of an eye. It felt as though i was still on a holiday until the last 2 weeks before my exams because that was when I was burning the midnight oil. Over this period, I’ve learnt several things like; how uni life is much more chillax compared to pri, sec, and JC life; how lectures are completely (subjective) useless because I’ve never attended a single one apart from the first; how having good friends and seniors beside you are essential as part of uni survival 101. I’ve also come to realise how much I enjoy group work and the whole dynamics of it. Two things I regret:  not being able to stay through the whole of Inflammare camp and missing the sign up date for hall camp.

my sweg biz ops group

If I could summarise my whole experience from week 1-13 in a phrase it would be getting by by the skin of my teeth. The first 5 weeks or so I don’t remember showing up for seminars especially for Biz ops and OB. The only class I thoroughly enjoyed was Marketing. Maybe because it made the most sense to me and I see how applicable it is in our everyday lives. Also because I’m in Maven – Marketing/PR/Branding start-up so I definitely gain more insights into this area of specialty. One thing that I didn’t really realise is how blessed I am to have such good professors. CCK for Stats cos he knows his shit and has a good sense of humor, Yin Di for Econs because she gives model answers, Shilpa for her wealth of experience and how motherly she is, James L. how he attempts to liven’ up the class with his quirky American accent and gestures, Wang Jian Fu for his patience in teaching us. Oh one thing that shocked me during the last class of Biz ops was that that was the only time the class had full attendance because it was presentation day. There were a handful of people whom I’ve never seen before throughout the whole sem. It was kinda freaky. Same goes for Stats class.

The exams were a complete wreak especially the biz ops paper. I swear it was the toughest paper in the entire history of Biz ops. I pray that the bell curve will work in my favour. All As please 🙂 I’m usually one that would be so uptight about getting good grades and studying wayy in advance for exams but now, uni is an entirely new game we’re playing. There really isn’t any time to study (or at least I didn’t because I’m working on the side) and I simply don’t see the point in giving my 100% in uni, except when it comes to group projects because my friends’ grades are on the line too. I’m so not looking forward to receiving my results, but i’m keeping my fingers crossed.

For now, ignorance is bliss.

Because Aloy wanted a mini photoshoot for his feed haha. Guessed he really fit the brief.


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