Diving into the labyrinth of my mind

Just as Napoleon Hill said, ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’ I’ve been really intrigued by the Law of Attraction these days for some peculiar reason. Not that I don’t know about it, but as I was watching BonnyRebecca’s video on how the Law of Attraction has worked for her as well as Annie Tarasova’s videos, I became really interested and wanted to test it out for myself.

Basically what the Law of Attraction is about is you envisioning that you already have that something you desire/want and because you’re of a certain vibrational level as the positive vibrational levels of the universe, you’ll attract these positive things into your life and ultimately get what you want. This is entirely based on whether you choose to believe in this way of thinking or not. Apparently the reason why it isn’t working for some people is because they don’t know how to apply it well. What I feel is that this way of thinking has allowed me to be a more positive and happy person. The trick is to tell yourself that you live a life full of abundance. You see, our minds are more inclined to a negative bias which means we tend to focus on the negatives and not the positives. For instance, how you hate your asian eyes, or your fat thighs, but the Law of Attraction attracts both things you do and don’t want in your life depending on what your mind is constantly dwelling on.

I for one believe that regardless of whether we’re exposed to this theory of Law of Attraction, we have used it subconsciously. Such as how I envisioned myself getting a 7 for my biz ops and stats quiz even before the quiz began. Or how I envisioned myself being together with the guy of my dreams even before things progressed. The only downfall is that if things don’t turn out the way we want them to, our morales will just be crushed.

Now that I’m done with Stats and OB exam, I discovered something that my mind does that I have never done before. Do you believe that you can slow time down with your mind? Because I believe you can to a certain extent. Prior to the start of the paper, I was a little afraid that I couldn’t finish the paper due to time constrains. However, I calmed myself down and told myself that I’m able to complete it in time. When my watch hit 3pm, the announcement to put our pens down did not come on, and at that time, I was writing down my last 2 paragraphs which I wasn’t sure which theory I should use in my answer. I then thought to myself that I need to make full use of my time to think which theory I should use instead of wasting precious time writing something that I know won’t get me the marks at all. And yes I did manage to complete my paper. I believe everything is all in the mind. If I kept dwelling on the thought that I won’t have time, I would be super flustered and kanchiong about it that I lose focus of what the right answer ought to be.

Maybe I’m crazy, but this works for me.

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