Living in my Cocoon

Now that the semester is over, and I’m home most of the time, I have the liberty of time to prepare my own breakfast, lunch and dinner. Never did I ever like to cook, the only time i’m in the kitchen is to grab a snack, blend a smoothie, or to refill water. I’m also afraid of fire and how frying stuff makes your hair smell. What changed was when Nic made aglio olio, mashed potatoes, and abc pasta that was absolutely gastronomical especially the aglio olio. I felt ambitious that day and decided to replicate them hahaha.

All of em’ turned out pretty good actually. I particularly enjoyed the mashed potatoes. Just in case you’re wondering what the rest of the ingredients are: chickpeas, spinach, mushrooms, grilled tau kua, vegan sausage. I found tons of frozen Vegan foods at Dhoby Ghaut Cold Storage the other day and I just had to get it. Stuff from my haul include: Amy’s pizza one with Vegan cheese and one without, Vegan sausages, Vegan sausage rolls, Vegan chicken strips all of them are from fry’sfamilyfoods, bagels. Basically, my entire basket was filled with all these frozen foods. Not the healthiest hence not to be consumed on a daily basis. (I seriously gotta stop eating this on a daily basis) If you guys are interested in purchasing them, please make sure you don’t purchase too many at once like I did, or you’ll end up struggling with maintaining your cravings. Those that have fallen off the Vegan bandwagon is cos they fall prey to their cravings which most of the time remind them of their childhood or evoke a certain emotion/memory. Now that we have Vegan alternatives, we can definitely relive those memories without compromising on values we hold.


Yesterday, after completing 2 Stats papers, I couldn’t study no more. I was absolutely demoralised at the fact that every question required me to crack my brain (still I didn’t manage to get it right). I decided to do something different and pick up a skill – calligraphy and watercolour painting. I was always fascinated by calligraphy and wanted to learn it on my own. I even considered signing myself up for a $90 class (thank god I didnt) because I was able to do it within a few minutes! I think i’m making good progress! 🙂 I simply just Youtubed everything. If you wish to pick it up, all you need is just a special pen, either fountain pen or those pens you buy from artfriend. Here are some of my artworks from yesterday!

Here are some links to the Youtube videos I watched.

Watercolour techniques for beginners, Roses, Landscape painting. I have no artistic skills whatsoever, but I find watercolour really dummy-proof – meaning anyone can do it so long as you apply the technique that’s taught. Give it a shot. It is pretty rewarding and satisfying. 🙂

Song addiction at the moment: Cocoon – Milky Chance

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