A Day Like No Other


Unlike any other day, it was our monthversary.  1/11 is actually World Vegan day and hence well dressed had a promo: 3 cakes for $10!! And I was craving for em. After a long day in school, I went to Nic’s house only to be ‘surprised’  by my favourite foods from well dressed! I say ‘surprised’ because I hinted that i wanted the tofu burger and 3 cakes – french vanilla, banana chocolate and chai latte crumble. 😛

Please excuse the lighting it was at 12am that i ate all these. I can’t remember why I only reached his house that late. Nonetheless, it tasted amazing. To be honest, the tofu burger ain’t my favourite, it was pretty hard and dry to me , maybe because it was cold when i ate it. But that doesn’t stop me from being Well Dressed’s loyal customer 😉 there are plenty of other delectable dishes worth making a second trip (++++)

Lunch was prepared especially by Nic. I intended to eat instant noodles for convenience sake. I know, not exactly the healthiest. While Nic wanted to cook tomato based pasta. I just wasn’t feeling pasta that day. I was wrong…

Within the first mouth, I was hooked. I just kept taking spoon after spoon… Having predicted this, Nic prepared an extra portion before hand. heehee. A warm fuzzy feeling filled my belly and my heart, I felt loved. They say you’ll put on weight when you’re in love. Thats me (i think).  

Although it was a really simple monthversary, nothing fancy, it was a heart-warming one. I left Nic’s house at around 5+ for school as HBD (Hall 13’s Dance) was performing for Exam Welfare Supper. It was our debut performance, and we devoted insane (not really) amount of time rehearsing for 4 mins of fame. Goodbye Sunday, Tues and Wed training nights! Initially, I wanted to pull out of this performance because I was lazy to go for trainings and I wasn’t really confident dancing in the front row. Most of them possessed formal trainings and dance background, but I didn’t so obviously I wouldn’t be as confident. However, I’m so glad that I pulled through as new friendships were forged and we got closer than ever especially to the seniors too. We’ve endured several scoldings from them before and our impression of them wasn’t the best, subsequently, our relationship with the seniors turned somewhat sour. ( I was totally cool with them all the way cos I understood why they told us off)  So glad all of that has gone to past.

Super glad I brought my camera that day – I managed to capture images of my wonderful dance mates and seniors 🙂

Can you spot where I am ? 😉 Some of Pushplay’s bands were also selected to entertain the crowd. They sang some of my favourite songs : Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Cake by the Ocean, RISE, Oceans, Too Close, Toxic etc. Sadly, the sound system and the auditorium didn’t do them justice as there was alot of reverb and all 😦 Also, I realised that many of us from dance are in pushplay – me, samuel, vess, mel, I apologise for those I miss out haha.

It was a special day, one like no other

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