Although 1st Nov was 10 days ago, I feel that credit has to be given to my wonderful Marketing group mates – KK, CY, Bobby, and Jocelyn. I can still recall myself going early for the first ever marketing class to form my group before jetting off someplace else. Ever since then, we’ve been meeting up almost every single week to discuss tutorials. Our friendship blossomed and bloomed 🙂 Each of us got closer and we would frequently meet up to study too. 1.11.16 was the day that marked the end of our marketing module for the semester. It was truly a bittersweet one. It took us days and nights to churn out a 15 page marketing report on our awesome idea Nanofarms. After our finally marketing presentation, we headed to hive for a mandatory photoshoot.


As we’re ‘Amateur Farmers with the World’s Finest Produce’, we brought along our hats and one of us suggested that we have some fun throwing our hats. Although we took many shots of us tossing the hat, this shot was actually the very first shot and it was the best one 😛 hahahha.

Here are some photos of my beautiful friends looking smart

Our day ended off with crispy fries and drinks at NTU’s very own cafe/bar at North Spine called Pen & Inc. I didn’t even know this cafe existed like omg, I was missing out for the past 4 months. Alcoholic drinks ranged from 8 bucks to 13 (?) bucks while their mocktails, were about 4-6 bucks? I can’t remember the exact price, but it was really really affordable. They were also having a promotion – 2 pints of beer and we’ll get a basket of free classic fries. Such deals are a must snaggggg. What impressed me most was how posh and chic the interior looked.

If i’m not wrong, there are Vegan options as Pen & Inc. has a customisable bowl where you can pick and choose your ingredients. Oh, also their fries are not fried in the same oil as any of the meat – so its completely VEGAN! 🙂 Their staff are also really friendly. KK and CY initially ordered a cocktail but after me mentioning the promotion, we requested to change their order to 2 pints of beer. Their manager even said that he would do whatever it takes to help us get the free fries. Such commendable level of service. 

Many people have told me that in Uni, you’ll meet nasty and competitive people, that you’ll never find true friends. But I beg to differ. I’m truly blessed and grateful to these bunch of people that have helped me secured my A or A+ in Marketing and also helping me out with miscellaneous stuff like completing my ILE for me ^^


xx, love you guys//Cheers 😉

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