Guud Fuud, Awesome Company!


My Sunday morning began with a meeting with my marketing group mates at Rochester’s Starbucks. By then, the Christmas drinks were already launched and Starbucks was just playing their Christmas playlist. My group mates and I spent a good 15 min chillin’ and relaxing. The weather was perfect, a little chilly due to the early morning showers, the songs were on point, and I had a warm cup of my favourite soy green tea latte in a mug. It was all about the chill vibes ~ Just soaking in the atmosphere~ sitting there brought back tons of memories as I used to frequent there while preparing for the A levels last year. The feeling was so refreshing, especially with the company of my lovely friends. I swear I would never get sick of mornings like this.


Since I brought my camera that day, I decided to snap a photo of one of my group member – KK. And this photo actually became his most-liked photo on Instagram at that time! 🙂 Not exactly my best shot, but aperture definitely worked in his favour.

After a fruitful rehearsal with my fellow friends, I headed off to well dressed salad bar to have my lunch with my bae ❤ Once again, I ordered the same old thing – the avocado gula melaka smoothie and veganlicious brunch set. Seriously, the smoothie is a staple for me. Every single time I head to well dressed, I just have to have it. It was i think the 2nd or 3rd time in a week that I went to well dressed – i simply just can’t get enough. Definitely my go to place for the month.


Just look at that gula melaka-yy goodness! 


Nic literally caught the Monday Blues’ that day, so we headed to SGH in the morning. Upon arriving, it was approximately 1130pm and the nurse told us to return only at 1330pm as thats when the doctor resumes seeing patients again.


A cutie pie Nic was spotted

I suddenly had strong cravings for acai, so we headed off to Absolute Acai at Telok Ayer for part 1 of lunch. I kinda got sick of acai, but for some peculiar reason the acai at Absolute Acai is absolutely amazing. There’s this special fruity taste to it that makes it taste so authentic and flavourful unlike that at Project Acai. I added Macadamia nuts on top too for extra crunch 😛 Plus the whole vibe of that place just makes me feel really comfortable though they should up their temperature because it’s super cold. A mini store with minimalist design and furniture – best place to chill and study.

We then headed back to the hospital to get Nic’s MC and medicine before getting lunch part 2 at Vivo’s Marche. There was a wide spread of fresh food! I was so pleased to see veges and fruits all displayed prominently at the counter. It was such a pity that I was full, if not I would definitely go for the salad bar.

I ended up sharing a plain rosti with Nic. What put me off was the fact that he ate the Mushroom Rag Out – which is a cream based side dish. Despite his futile attempts to squeeze the cream out, the mushrooms have already soaked up the cream and he still ate it. (just some background info: Nic is severely with lactose intolerant). Indeed, he faced the consequences, by ending up falling sick within the next few days.


After lunch part 2, it was shopping time! The TOPMAN X TOPSHOP promotion was still on – 40% off your second item when you pay with mastercard. I was so attempted to get this semi-flair pants with this cute little green top (it was too low cut) . But the pants was a little over my budget ($49.90). Nic used the promotion though. He bought a shirt and a pants. I’m a little proud of myself for resisting the temptation to buy my pants on impulse. Trying to be prudent and frugal with my savings here. Good job Nicole. *pats back* I’ll probably buy it when I feel rich enough hahaha.

Before we headed home, we stopped by Muji. Holy Moly, I fell in love instantly. The deco was beautiful – brown themed and wood based with beautiful green plants. Plus, the music playlist was onpoint. It was a french playlist. I just had to ask what their playlist was and apparently, they sell their CDs in Muji itself. Click here to listen to one of their tracks.

Isn’t it just so beautiful?! That chair was sooooo comfy. Nic was so tempted to buy this clothing stand that he was looking for all over the internet but all of em’ were severely overpriced.  Muji also has a cafe at Raffles City! That’s where I found my wooden spoon and bought my notebooks. I expected the notebooks to be really expensive, but it was actually only $1.20 for 1 book and you can stamp on it for free! I felt like a kid again as I was stamping on my book. If I were to get a house of my own, it would be furnished with stuff from IKEA, Muji and mostly DIY stuff to make it look minimalistic and pretty.

I can’t remember exactly when, but I was super bummed that I had to reset my phone because there was some technical glitches. 😦 All my photos were gone! I managed to restore a few of them from my com, but not my New Zealand ones like omg. Fast forward to today (9.11.16), i am super addicted to simply_kenna‘s Youtube channel. I simply_kennut stop watching her videos. It’s almost binge-watching. What makes her so different is how consistent she is with her style and uploading of content, and how she’s a minimalist! Most of her stuff are DIY (which I recently got into) and white-based. She’s super gorgeous as well and has a heart of gold. Best part is, she became a vegetarian after watching Earthlings! Just as how I became Vegan after watching these documentaries.

Exams are just around the corner and I’m for some reason, pretty chill about it – which i think is a bad thing? Oh well, at the very least, I’m planning out my day so I maximise my time. It’s 11:26pm now, and I haven’t been sleeping early. Today’s probably one of the only days that I have the luxury of time to blog. Now off to bed.

xx, Nicole Ashley.

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