SGFW: Shopping Spree and Art Jam

I noticed a couple of posts on Instagram mentioning how it’s fashion week in Singapore. All I could think about was how glamorous it would be to be a part of the fashion show, even as an audience. Hence, I didn’t think too much about it neither did I dress up for the occasion. Our day (29/10) began with a warm and hearty lunch at O’bean.

Nic had a major craving for the noodles (i forgot the name of the dish) since forever while I was pretty sick of the noodles so I decided to give their Signature porridge a go instead.  To be honest, I was pretty impressed when I took the first bite into the porridge. However, subsequently, as I dived deeper into the porridge, there was this overwhelming herbal-ly taste that just ruined the entire porridge. Plus there was ginger slices mixed into it which wasn’t to my liking. I personally didn’t enjoy it at all, and couldn’t finish it. Nic’s dumpling noodles were much better than mine, that I can attest. Those dumplings are the best Vegan dumplings I’ve ever had.

After our filling up our bellies, as Nic went to the washroom, I was just casually scrolling through Instagram. And I came across Daryl Aiden’s photo where he mentioned about some Uber trip to Ion orchard that allowed you to stand a chance to win $150 worth of TOPSHOP X TOPMAN items (or was it cash vouchers). The promotion was on from 1pm till 5pm that day and it was already 3pm when I saw it. We decided to just give it a go despite the extremely slim chances. While waiting for a driver to come pick us, we made use of the time to take more photos and OOTDs. It was fashion week after all 😛

While casually walking on Level 1 of ION before we headed to TOPSHOP, we chanced upon a mini showcase by KENZO that featured bizarre and quirky looking clothes. Clothes that obviously can’t be worn in Singapore.

After 30 minutes of tirelessly waiting and desperately pressing the ‘try again’ button in hopes of getting a driver, we decided to end these fruitless attempts and booked a regular uber to ION. To our surprise, by booking a regular uber to ION, we were still entitled to get $25 cash voucher for TOPMAN X TOPSHOP. I didn’t really see any particular item that I liked, so I gave the voucher all to Nic. Instead what I did see that got me starstruck were quite a number of good looking Influencers namely darylaiden himself, marcus nai and a couple of others. I really wanted to say hi to darylaiden but hahaha I didn’t want Nic to see green.


There was also this 3D printing machine where it’ll 3D print your name as a label. Upon presenting your receipt to the lady at the counter, she will 3D print your name for FREE. I was absolutely intrigued by this technology because I’ve never seen a live 3D printing before. Also Topshop was also giving out free churros and opened a free photobooth for camwhores like me to take photos hahahaha.

All of these were completely impromptu and by the time we were done shopping, it was about 5pm. We initially planned to do art jamming at arteastiq but that got delayed. We missed the 2pm slot so we just had to settle for the 6-9pm slot. Basically, we were given 3 hours to do our painting. Since both of us were spoilt for choices in terms of the genres of painting we could do, we spent 20-30 min deciding on what we should draw. I decided to go something more contemporary and modern aka. pop art. While Nic stuck to the old fashioned landscape painting.

i love how dark it is, which gives the whole artsy and creative vibes. Our package also came with a complementary tea/coffee. I think the reason why it’s really empty is because it’s really quite costly to do this art jam. One session per person is $48 😦 It really made a hole in our wallets.

The lady in my painting initially had short hair which I thought looked pretty cool – like those rocker chicks. But Nic begged to differ, he said that she looked like a butch, so I extended her hair it turned out like this. Before the painting session began, Nic and I agreed to exchange each other’s painting as a gift. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen in the end. I was pretty jealous that his painting turned out looking better than mine. Then again, we painted an entirely different genre. Till today, I have yet to remove my painting out of the cardboard bag ( too ashamed of my own work ) 😦

Everyone couldn’t believe that Nic painted such a beautiful art work. No one mentioned anything about mine. All they could say was that mine was ‘different’. I guess different is just a euphemism for ugly or cmi. We ended timely at 9pm. Personally, I didn’t expect us to take up the entire 3 hours. I was absolutely famished after the jam session and had a really late dinner at Viva La Mexico where I had the best Vegan Chimichanga – with refried beans (which tasted like meat), veges, and guacamole.

It’s days like these that I live for. With lots of impromptu adventures and endless activities. It also motivates me to blog about them because these experiences are so precious and rare. Although I do enjoy chill days where I don’t do much, I very much enjoy days that are jammed-packed with fun with the company of my loved one as it makes me feel more accomplished as my time is optimally maximised. To more days like these, Cheers.

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