Overeasy, Potatoey Night Out!

28 Oct 2016. It was Nic’s book out day again! 🙂 That means time for some night adventures! The taste of Overeasy’s sweet potato fries that we first had while we were with Maven just kept haunting and taunting us that we couldn’t take it no more. We just had to get some of them that night. Just in case you were wondering, these fries are Vegan, as they aren’t fried in the same oil as meat or other non Vegan stuff. And I really appreciate the fact that the staff actually understood the word Vegan (and pronounced it right). Most people pronounce it as ‘VAEE-GAN’ when it’s supposed to be ‘VEEEE-GANN’. 

I like how the portion is really generous heehee. Plus, Nic ended up not eating because he didn’t have appetite. what a bummer. oh well, more for me! Before I knew it, the whole basket of fries was empty and ended up in my belly (little rhyme). Nic also bumped into his army girl friend – the one that all his section mates were falling head over heels in love with. But he was too shy to say hi though i was completely cool with it.

We then took a leisurely stroll along fullerton bay and the jubilee bridge. It was close to midnight then, yet there was still a crowd gathering at the merlion taking photos. Despite living in Singapore all my life, I simply cannot get tired of this view.

This area is my ultimate spot to chill. And never once did I take a good photo of this place and appreciate its beauty. Being there just brings back a wave of memories, both good and bad.

Every night deserves to be remembered, but this one in particular just felt special as memories surged back to days where my relationship status became murky and blur. Soon, tears came streaming down my cheeks as I hugged Nic. Feeling grateful with a tinge of sadness.

We all used to make fun of the merlion. But I really think it’s really beautiful especially at night. I can’t believe I used to be afraid of it because it looked odd, especially the one at Sentosa. It’ll just totally freaked me out in the past due to it’s freakishly sharp teeth.

Hopefully, just someday, I’ll be able to enjoy this view at the comfort of my own balcony. Wew. Dream come true.

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