A Sneak Peak into The Future

Although 21st October was long gone, I still feel the need to write a blog post of our day’s events. It’s just really nostalgic to revisit all those events and relive those emotions. How my brain works is that it would go through all that has happened in the day trying its best not to miss a single detail. It’s only after writing it out that I see how even the smallest of things are worth remembering.

My day started off with a major craving for Well Dressed Salad Bar’s Vegan Brunch set. Prior to my virgin experience of eating this amazing meal, all I could do was to drool over images of it on Instagram posted by some of my friends. I just had to eat it. The day has finally arrived where it’s my turn to devour this plate of goodness!

I drove that day and parked at Club Street where the parking was insanely expensive. It’s $1 for half an hour. This other car that came after us, decided not to park here because it was freakin expensive. And hence decided to park somewhere else. While we on the other hand, felt like rich kids and decided to just park there for convenience sake. Funny thing was that both of us were unsure how to peel the parking ticket. Both of us had contrasting ideas as to how we should peel this. I was utmost certain that I was right and insisted that we do it my way (cos i’m the boss 😛 ) . It was not until we got to Well Dressed that we could’ve Googled. Turns out, I was (am) right. HEH.

My food arrived and it looked beautiful. It came with a complimentary drink too and I decided to get a glass of passionfruit juice. Believe me, it’s the best passion fruit juice out there, super refreshing and sweet yet sour at the same time. A flavourful burst in your mouth. YUM. My brunch platter came shortly after, comprising bread waffles (just bread but they squashed it using a waffle maker) , avocado slides, feta ‘tofucheese’, vegan sausages (amazingg), alfalfa sprouts, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Typically, a non-vegan breakfast platter would consist of bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms and a slice of toast. This is just as good if not even better, because it’s guilt-free and nutritious with tons of greens. I can literally eat this everyday for breakfast. Also, Nic ordered fries that came with Vegan mayo on the side. And the taste of the mayo, completely blew us away. The resemblance is simply uncanny. How is possible to replicate something that’s 90% dairy and eggs?! I was also pleasantly surprised to have met morethanveggies at Well Dressed while I was happily tucked into my meal.

Moving on, we headed down to the Arts Science Museum to check out the Future World exhibition. Yes, it was my 3rd time there but it’s always the company that matters 😉 Nic was super impressed with all the exhibits. From the flower room, the video screening of the rising sea levels (I really like this), the drawing of animals and scanning it over, to the spectacular lights at the end.

the flower room

Now you see the hill (?) and five minutes after you don’t. There were bean bags for people to relax while watching the sea levels rise, which is very reflective of what is going on in the world today – global warming. Whoever that created this art piece, thank you very much. It serves as a timely reminder that this is bound to happen if we don’t step up our game and do something about it. The rapid pace of the rising sea levels illustrated in the video suggests that this is going to drown out our precious land very soon. They are indeed rising at an alarming ra

that’s nic’s art piece

Designer indeed. Full of creativity yet full of precision as well. 

The waterfall was simply breathtaking. Same goes for the photo ^^

Nic in awe of those gorgeous lights

Pink ain’t my favourite colour but it did do me justice.

At the lobby of the Arts Science Museum, we were greeted with the aroma of coffee beans and these cute little DIY tote bags. I recalled on my last visit to the museum, it wasn’t a cafe but a ticketing booth. Now it’s a cafe. A really shrewd move of them to shift the ticketing booth downstairs and have a cafe upstairs. Feeling thirsty, I just had to buy a bottle of water from there. Great way to maximise profits hahahaha. It also had tables and chairs, it looked like a really nice place to chill or do some work.

We then headed out to take more photos! And because I brought my tripod out, testing out the remote control function my phone was necessary. 

couple photos heehee. >< 

I’m so in love with my new camera, thank you olympus.

the wind was blowing quite strongly and my pants and hair were just flying in the wind

love my tan here heehee. the sun was really shining directly at my face. so I was kinda posing but not posing ;P

my model my bae ❤

it was just a test shot but it turned out really nice. Probably an ad for a watch commercial.

After that long photoshoot, we decided to fill our bellies with some warm food. While we were walking along the shoppes at MBS, we came across Din Tai Fung. It was a pleasant surprise to know that they do indeed have Vegan options! I wasn’t too hungry so I just ordered a classic Red Bean Bun. Taste wasn’t fantastic but i was still really stoked and glad at the fact that they even provide Vegan options. I would definitely go back.

What A YUMZY day.

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