160m Above Ground

The morning was beautiful and we had a whole day of activities planned out perfectly for an awesome Friday 21st October. The plan was: Breakfast at my place, Nic’s doctor’s appointment, Cups n Canvas, and Future World exhibition at Arts Science Museum.


Breakfast + Grocery Shopping

The menu of the day was fluffy pancakes and waffles. And because I just got my camera, getting a stunning photo for my blog was utmost necessary. Presentation (this includes having blueberries/strawberries and a myriad of colours on my plate) is key and time is of the essence as well. By the time we were done grocery shopping, it was close to 11am. I took a bold move by whipping up a brand new pancake recipe which I haven’t tried that I gotten from some Youtube video and made my own modifications. While I was mixing the batter, it got so thick and I panicked for a moment there. To salvage my mistake, I kept adding rice milk. Thankfully, it got slightly better. A wild and cheeky Nic would occasionally pop his head into the kitchen to watch me which I felt really embarrassed about because it would just add pressure on me plus the batter was already messed up. A few times I tried flipping the pancake by tossing it up in the air, but to no avail, I always fail ;( Perhaps next time then. The tough part was finally done, and the fun part (the assembly) is now here! Take a look at how it looks! Delectable isn’t it 😉 Unfortunately it didn’t turn out as good as it looks. The pancakes were really chewy, but taste wise it was not bad.


I swear I could’ve taken a better photo, but the coconut bliss ice cream was melting and sliding off, so this was the best shot I could’ve gotten. I would totally provide the recipe but not this time because this wasn’t up to standard. 


After a hearty breakfast, it was time for lunch! It was Nic’s turn to prepare a meal for me 🙂 YAY! I requested my favourite Aglio Olio pasta from him which is also the hardest pasta to master. He totally caught my helper off guard when he started chopping up the mushrooms and sautee-ing the mushrooms. She was super impressed with him. The pasta looked amazing similar to my pancakes, sadly it wasn’t as great as the one he cooked for me in school. I guess when you have too many ingredients, it just makes you go wild with them and ‘spoils the broth’ or should I say pasta. The 3 of us  (Nic, my brother and I) weren’t really a fan of it. I highly suspect that it’s the vegetable broth that made it taste funny.

Cups n Canvas

It was pretty late already, close to 330pm that we headed to Cups and Canvas to have a drink and a mini photoshoot. Special thanks to Shauna for introducing me to this awesome back alley to take cool shots. Literally within 10m you’ll find another spot to pose and no one will know you’re still in the same area. Almost all walls are painted differently, from yellow to blue. There were random doors too, some looked medieval while others just looked really cute. Here are some of the photos we took!

that’s me

that’s Nic

Don’t they just look so pretty!! I’m loving every single one of them. Plus, it can’t get any better when your boyfriend is model-material. Makes up 80% of a stunning photo. It took us a lot of effort to get these photos, please don’t ever think that they are effortless (although it kinda was for Nic as a model). By the time we were done and satisfied with the shots we took, we were drenched in sweat because the shoot was done under the blazing hot sun. such geniuses we are. 

Singapore Flyer

Our initial plan was to head to Art Science Museum’s Future World exhibition because Nic hasn’t been there before (although i’ve been there 3 times). Unfortunately, time wasn’t on our side as the last entry was at 530pm and we couldn’t rush there in time. As we were making our way to MBS, we drove pass the Singapore Flyer and Nic suggested that we went for that instead, afterall we couldn’t make it for the exhibition anymore. The last time I went on the Flyer was when it just opened and everyone was super hyped up about it. Today, it’s pretty dead and quiet, mostly tourists. Prices of the tickets were also pretty steep ($30? bucks) meaning every minute on the flyer cost you $1. While waiting for dusk (in order to catch the beautiful sunset on the flyer) , we walked around the garden beneath the flyer and managed to take a couple of really nice shots too!


I was actually quite surprised that upon entering the flyer, they had a gallery giving us information about the flyer and a couple of other interesting artefacts. Up to date it’s still the world’s largest ‘ferris wheel’. And I really want to thank Nic for being brave (he has phobia of heights >.< ) enough to take the flyer with me. ❤ I spent the first half of the ride taking shots of the view and of us while Nic crouched in fear for the first 8 minutes.


Being on the flyer, having a bird’s eye view of virtually the entire Singapore, really made me realised a few things. Firstly, that all of marina bay (gardens area) is built on reclaimed land. And despite not having witnessed the development of Singapore since the 1960s, I felt really fortunate and blessed to live in a country that possesses such a rich history and to achieve such great economic success within just 50 years. In a way, Singapore was kinda like an abortion, after its separation from Malaysia. An abortion in a sense that our parent didn’t want us anymore and decided to leave us to die. Yet at the same time, Singapore is a miracle. Without charismatic leaders like the late Lee Kuan Yew, and our founding fathers, we wouldn’t even be here today. The ride ended as I left the capsule with a grateful heart.


TGIF indeed

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