I’m Back

It’s really been awhile since I’ve written a post. A lot of things have happened while I was on this hiatus away from gooyokers. From changes in my relationships to entering into a completely new environment (aka. university). July and August was probably one of the worst periods of my life, the most challenging one at that. I’ve made mistakes and life-changing decisions – got out of a relationship, and got into one within the past 4 months. And during times when I felt down, I’d strayed down the wrong path, doing the most rabak stuff possible, having alcohol almost everyday, essentially killing myself slowly. I’m glad that those days are gone and I have moved on in life.

Let’s start with the most exciting news : I GOT A NEW CAMERA! 

It’s the Olympus EM10 mark 2! It’s a semi-DSLR just a more compact version of it so I can bring it everywhere. Initially, I wanted the Olympus Pen because of the (overrated) selfie function. But I felt it was just more worth while to buy a camera that comes with a built-in flash and viewfinder. Now, I have no excuse not to do up more post on gooyokers hahaa.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to someone I hold dearly in my heart, he’s my new found love Nicholas. Every couple has their own sweet love story to share, but I’ll spare y’all the cheesy details and this post isn’t a storytelling one. This post will be centred around what we did on Thurs 20th Oct.


20th October

Nic’s first ever bookout! 🙂 So I picked him up at White sands while we had macs for breakfast (i ate the apple pie and hashbrown which are Vegan) and drove back to his house to rest up before we got started on our plan which was to go camera shopping and catch a movie. Just as we were about to take the expressway to town, Nic realised that there was a problem with the car tyres, which made sense because a very peculiar uncle kept pointing to it while we were exiting the carpark. We then drove back to Nic’s carpark and attempted to change the tyres ourselves. Minutes after, a really helpful uncle agreed to help us change the tyre, he was doing a pretty good job but the screws were just too tight that not even the weight of his body could unscrew it. Desperate, the uncle just left us with a number to call to seek professional help. So I got the tyres changed for about 500+ bucks which was insanely priced. In that moment, despite feeling despondent, I felt grateful for having Nic by my side, and that random helpful samaritan (the uncle) , also for the fact that I hadn’t hit the highway before realising my tyre was ‘gone’. 

Lucky enough, we ended at 5pm which meant that we had time to get my camera and catch a movie! 🙂 The camera was initially offered to me at 1045 which was a little too steep for a mere student like me. But I managed to get a discount (thankfully) and a couple of freebies (aka. the lens protector, and screen protector) so I only paid 950! We then headed down to fortune centre for a hearty meal to fill our empty stomaches. I wanted pasta from Hotcakes and to my surprise, they even had cakes available. The entire tiramisu was freshly baked too, I just HAD to get some. After all, that IS my favourite cake. I was really quite surprised at the taste of it though, the texture wasn’t fantastic, I wouldn’t say it’s the best Vegan cake I’ve ever had, but isn’t it super cool to have a mostly-not-vegan dessert to be Veganised?

Fast forward a few hours, we went to catch the movie Miss Peregrine home for peculiar children. In my opinion, it was one of the most draggy and boring movies I had ever watched. Nic wanted to walk out t felt that of the cinema before the show ended (I wanted to too) but i have the habit of finishing what i’ve started. Eva green looked amazing in that show though, if for any reason I choose to stay because of how elegant and evil she looks. Somehow or rather, evil witches speak really well and are mostly British.

All in all, 20st Oct was full of ups and downs, but I’m grateful and appreciative of the people that i’m surrounded with especially you Nic. You make the bad things manageable and bearable ♡

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