Vegan and Pet Ownership

Most of you guys wouldn’t know this (or at least I didn’t), is the controversy of pet ownership while being a Vegan.

Why is this a concern?

You might be thinking, as long as we feed our pets Vegan food, it’s completely fine because we’re still not supporting the meat industry. However, let’s look at this issue from a ethical perspective. Ethical Vegans strive towards a day where animals of any kind are no longer considered property, or held in captivity. The whole idea of animal liberation is not compatible to pet ‘ownership’. Domestic pets even in the best case scenario, they are exploited to reproduce in order to create cross-breed species that we humans desire. We train them to be compliant and servile. So for as long as we stand, complete animal liberation is our ultimate goal, to evict them of this environment of vulnerability and give them the freedom they deserve.

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What should I feed my pet?

Dogs are non carnivorous but rather omnivorous. There has been enough scientific evidence proving that dogs are able to thrive on a Vegan diet. There are several Vegan dog food options such as Amì Pet Food and V-Dog . Alternatively, there is no harm preparing a home-cooked whole-foods Vegan meal for your dog which comprises rice, beans, legumes, sweet potatoes and carrots. Not forgetting that it needs to be accompanied with supplements from eg. Vegedog. Bramble, one of the longest living dogs recorded (25 years) , was actually Vegan. This is testament to a successful Vegan diet for dogs! Read more stories here on how dogs became much healthier after eating a Vegan diet!

Cats on the other hand are carnivorous. They require a special amino acid called taurine which is derived from animals. There have been major concerns with cats following a strict Vegan diet and eventually developing urinary tract issues (mainly the development of crystals and blockages in their bladders). However, with that being said, there have been amazing stories of cats living to a ripe old age on a well balanced and supplemented diet. Again, visit Vegpet for purchase of these supplements to be added to Vegan recipes for your cat. Click here to read some stories of cats that have flourished on a Vegan diet.

Note that a 100% Vegan diet for cats may not be the most ideal and may trigger other health implications as well. Any attempt to feed your cat a Vegan diet must be done so with extreme caution and well supplemented.

Then comes the ethical dilemma of purchasing non Vegan cat food because we would then be supporting the meat industry. Well, we give and take right? I personally would still feed my cat (if I had one) non-Vegan cat food occasionally to make sure that it still gets the essential nutrients it needs (because it’s carnivorous in nature) .

Click here to read more on PETA.





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