Do Vegans Drink Alcohol?

There’s always this huge debate on whether Vegans are allowed to drink alcohol, and if they can whether they should or not. People tend to associate Vegans to a ton of restrictions. I hope as you read my blog, you’ll find out that despite not eating meat, dairy and eggs, we still aren’t missing out on much in life. The whole part of being a Vegan for most of us is for the sake of our own health. Its all about feeling our best and being in the right state of mind at all times. So if the question is can vegans drink alcohol? the answer is only certain brands.

I personally avoid alcohol ever since a particular incident, but I still drink it during special occasions/social events. I’d used to think that all alcohol are vegan but after doing a little bit more research, I found out that Kronenbourg 1664 isn’t Vegan because it has been strained through isinglass which is the swim bladder of a dried up fish. Yeah I’ve always known that alcohol doesn’t contain meat (as in the flesh of chickens, cows, pigs) but never did I ever factor in fish.


Hence, the only kind of alcohol I’d drink is beer. Some Vegan ones are:


“Our Asahi beer products are all vegan-friendly. We do not use any animal products in the brewing process of our beer.”


“As we are not using any animal derived products or ingredients in our beer we believe that the Hoegaarden beers are actually suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Moreover Hoegaarden beer is not filtered, in this way most of the proteins in beer are conserved and no filtration aid need to be used.


Unfortunately, not all Carlsberg are Vegan and I’m not sure why, but apparently Carlsberg in Australia isn’t Vegan. Hence it’s always best to stick to the above options.

Non beer Vegan options that I’d recommend are:


Malibu Rum

As for cocktails, it would be quite a hassle to have to ask for the brand of alcohol they use, hence I’d usually just take the easy way out and not order them, at least not anymore.

Apart from isinglass and gelatine, some alcohol contains carmine (the bodies of dried cochineal beetles), caesin (milk derivative), chitosan (made from crustaceans), and egg albumen (egg whites).

In any case, if you were to drink Vegan, please check if it truly is on this website below

This does not mean that I’m all for drinking. What I am advocating is a healthy and fun lifestyle. Whether or not you wish to drink once in a while as a Vegan, it is entirely up to you. I’m just clarifying the misconception that most people have against Vegans, that we can drink alcohol, but as to whether we should or not, that is a personal choice.

I’ll also like to caution Vegans out there on 5 Surprising drinks that you didn’t know are VeganWhat seemed to be so innocuous is now not. This includes fruit juices from brands like Tropicana and Minute Maid as they contain fish oil/gelatine and other animal derivatives.

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