SuperMeat | Meat of the Future

Recently, I chanced upon one of Freelee’s videos of her promoting the consumption of meat. Curious, I went ahead and watched her video. SuperMeat is the latest craze amongst Vegans and animal activist. They are currently in the process of developing a system to produce a small scale of cultured meat. It’s like growing meat in a petri-dish. Best part is that there isn’t any animals harmed in the process!

How do they do it?

A small tissue sample is extracted from a chicken, and scientist would then duplicate it in an environment similar to that of a chicken’s body. The cells form miniscule tissue after enriched with nutrients which allow them to thrive and grow within a unique environment. These tissues would then grow into actual meat.

This is just awesome news! This will be the meat of the future. Why is there a need for this revolution of the meat industry? Well, for one thing, it’s only humane. Humans no longer need to go against our conscience and kill another living being. Cultured meat uses up to 99% less land, and 96% less carbon emission. Moreover, this would definitely solve the problem of world hunger. Food scarcity be gone!

As a Vegan, I still wouldn’t eat this because there are still the health implications when we consume meat. However, I support this cause and this is definitely paving the way for a more sustainable and responsible way of eating. If you feel that this is the way to go, feel free to pledge whatever amount of money in their research and development of this revolutionary technology.

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