Journey To Lazarus Island | Singapore Adventures

It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, the weather is absolutely perfect for a beach outing. Because it was my birthday, B decided to take me on an adventure, a getaway from the bustling streets of Singapore. We just simply needed a short break from work. I had no idea where B was going to bring me, so like a clueless goat, I followed. The day began with me being late to meet B, as usual. I was told to meet him at 8am but ended up only yanking myself out of bed at that time. That costs us to be late for the ferry at Marina South Pier. Hence, we just decided to take a detour back to Promenade and have my favourite cup of hot chocolate at Sarnies.

As it was really early, about 9:15 am or so, all shops weren’t open yet, except for Sarnies. While I was waiting for my sweet hot chocolate, I casually chatted with the barista, Jovie. The conversation started off with me saying how early she has to report for work, and I totally get that as I recalled the days I worked at Living Cafe. She then talked about her interest in travelling and how she’s a travel writer, which I was extremely fascinated by. I truly enjoy talking to new people along the way. Some of them inspire me so much while I hope I have also inspired them.

We then headed back to Marina South Pier and caught the 11am ferry. I gotta tell you that I’m prone to seasickness. I was so afraid I would just puke during the boat ride. Surprisingly, the key to not getting seasick was to look out and enjoy the view. The feeling of leaving Singapore just for a short getaway is absolutely refreshing and exciting. Initially, we were concerned about how hot it’ll be once we get there. However, God blessed us with little showers and it was really cooling. The air was so much more fresh there as compared to the urban Singapore. Immediately, I fished out my camera and snapped a couple of shots. And me being a vain-ass-model-wannabe, grabbed B and got him to do a mini photoshoot for me 😛

Here are some of my favourites

St. Johns-9978St. Johns-0022St. Johns-0064St. Johns-0027St. Johns-9975St. Johns-9909

The highlight of the day was really just sitting by the beach and playing some guitar, singing along to our favourite tunes as we munch on some corn chips and guacamole. While it may look good in photos, the beach isn’t actually in it’s best state. There were tons of litter strewn all over the beach, pretty unsanitary. That aside, everything was perfect despite the fact that we were under the mercy of the Sun as the clouds began to clear. People kept looking at us because we were the only ones singing with the guitar by the beach. In that moment, I felt special.

The day ended with a nice warm home-cooked spaghetti. What a sweet way to end the day.

Above is a short video as we document our little journey there. Hope you enjoy it, please also head to our Youtube channel here. Check out our other videos, like, comment, share and subscribe! 🙂

Have a great day ahead!

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