Seek for Happiness No More!

Happiness has always been there. It has never left us. As a child, all we could think of was living in that moment, our hearts full of joy, smiling from cheek to cheek. We never had issues with playing with kids of other races/religion. As kids, we saw everything as it is, fascinated by even the slightest creations, being grateful for even having food on our table. However, as we gradually transit to adolescent phase and subsequently an adult, we are inundated by opinions of others, society’s standards of what things ought to be. We then become afriad of how others perceive us and follow the herd blindly. In the process of growing up, we lose our ability to see the beauty in alot of things around us. What do You want to achieve in life? Is it to be happy? Are you working from dawn till dusk in order to be happy at the end of it all? If You have such thoughts, my question to you is why wait?

Things are actually really simple. We adults just tend to complicate things for ourselves. According to Wayne Dyer, we have two minds – conscious and the habitual mind.

. In this paradigm, the conscious mind is more actually represented by creative consciousness. This includes your daily decisions like what should I have for lunch? What should I wear? All these are decisions we believe we have full sovereignty over. It asks for nothing and has no ego.

The habitual mind on the other hand, follows the conventional psychological wisdom which says that much of what you believe in yourself, along with most of your daily actions, is programmed in your subconscious mind. Everything is pretty much on auto-pilot, it controls what you think, speak and do subconsciously. Our habitual mind has been programmed in our growing up phase as we slowly begin to understand what society expects of us, and hence have thoughts and do things that are deemed to be the norm. Having stereotypes and being prejudiced towards others, we separate ourselves from each other when we actually belong to a single entity.

We don’t have to actively seek happiness as it is right in front of us. Its just a choice that we make. Its time we take a step back and come to terms with our thoughts. To be aware of what we are thinking, saying and doing. Do our thoughts operate based on fear? based on what the world expects of us? If so, why do we let these shroud us from being free of judgement, from being free to love. Its time we break down internal barriers we have inside of us, to see things from a more positive perspective.

Be happy, Now.


Happiness is an adult word. 

Children don’t ask themselves if they are happy.

They just are.

I asked the little boy running at the seaside

What his secret was.

He looked at me smiling

Cheeks swelling up with the answer,

Then he laughed giggled

Ran away

Having forgotten the question

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