Why You Shouldn’t Eat Eggs

As a kid, I used to love eating eggs for breakfast. Regardless of whether it is poached, scrambled, fried, or boiled, I’ll have ’em all. Eggs are highly valued for their protein content. Many bodybuilders out there advocate a high consumption of eggs in order to bulk up. Just when you think all these seems pretty alright, not so fast. There have been incriminating evidence saying how eggs aren’t all that good for our bodies after all.


  • One egg has as much cholesterol has a Hardee’s Thickburger

Eggs are the main source of cholesterol in the American diet. Despite the fact that dietary cholesterol doesn’t have much effect on blood cholesterol levels, that’s not the reason why we should be avoiding egg. The main issue is the pro-inflammatory and oxidative effects dietary cholesterol that have been shown in one’s LDL. This makes you prone to arteriosclerosis and the built up of fatty deposits in your arteries, damaging your endothelium, increasing your chances of contracting some form of cardiovascular disease. A recent study has proven that eggs are nearly as bad for your arteries as cigarettes. Another study suggests that someone who had eaten 5 eggs/week for 40 years would have 2/3 the amount of plaque as someone who smoked one pack of cigarettes a day for 40 years, other factors being equal.

  • Prone to Salmonella poisoning

Approximately 97% of all chicken breasts contain strains of salmonella, according to a test by Consumer reports. Salmonella, a food-borne illness, has been the leading cause of food-borne illness related death. Mre than 100,000 Americans are poisoned by salmonella-tainted eggs every year. Let’s say you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t die because of this illness. However, the symptoms itself is unpleasant enough. Most people aren’t aware that they have been poisoned until much later in life when they can no longer turn back.

  • Free range eggs not all that innocuous 

Indeed, purchasing free range eggs is definitely a step away from animal cruelty and reduces the spread of diseases now that chickens aren’t packed into tight cages. Taking into consideration that you have reduced chances of contracting salmonella, the levels of cholesterol you’re getting aren’t exactly any less than a regular egg. And let’s keep in mind what cholesterol does to our arteries. Here is a study showing how their cholesterol isn’t any different.

  • Eggs may shorten your life

According to the Harvard Physicians Health study, doctors found that those consuming at least 1 egg a day had a significantly higher mortality risk, which essentially translates to by even just consuming 1 egg a day is associated with a shorter lifespan. Drawing back to relation of smoking, the Harvard Nurses’ Health Study found that the consumption of the cholesterol found in a single egg appeared to shorten one’s life by as much as if she had smoked 25,000 cigarettes!

  • Ethical reasons

Firstly, these hens are packed tightly in tiny cages, each allocated a space the size of an 8-inch-by-11-inch piece of paper for their entire lives. In order to prevent them for pecking each other, their beaks are chopped off mercilessly. The abuse involved in providing billions of eggs for human consumption doesn’t just stop at hens. Should a male chick be born, he may be spared several months of confinement, but his suffering is equally a nightmare. As males have no value to the egg industry, they are grind-ed to death. Callously manhandled, dumped onto conveyor belts, and then thrown into a meat grinder while still alive. 200 million of these chicks are being killed per year.


Here is a short video by freelee as she explains why we shouldn’t eat eggs:

[kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTfvdypnAgg” ]


Do yourself a favour today, and stop eating eggs. By just doing that not only will you definitely be healthier, you will also not be contributing to this cruel egg industry.








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