Save Marine Lives

Close to 1/3 of the planet’s fish stocks are overfished and 1 in 4 species of sharks, rays and skates are threatened with extinction. In just 4 decades, marine species have declined by 49%, according to one of the most extensive surveys of marine life ever compiled. In less than a human generation , we see a dramatic loss of ocean wildlife — they have declined by half and their habitats have been degraded and destroyed . 

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There is no better time to save these marine lives from overexploitation and pollution. Our demand for fishes have caused many other species of fish to be caught in the process and end up being waste because they simply do not have any market value. Corals are suffering from poor water quality due to deforestation and coastal agriculture , along with increasing fishing pressure. Corals are now dying at a unprecedented rate, they are also being bleached. Despite some coral reefs having the ability to bounce back from bleaching and other ocean disturbances, the rate in which ocean acidification is happening, definitely is not a favourable situation as it slows down their ability to do so.


Keeping in mind how important oceans play a vital part in our economy, it is imperative that we take immediate action. If you’re thinking that you are just a small drop in the ocean, there is an opportunity in which you can contribute to saving these beautiful marine creatures while at the same time shop till you drop.


Sand Cloud is an established company that sells beach towels, blankets, necklaces, water bottles and many more. Whats best is that its completely Vegan and cruelty-free. All products are made with love and with respect to animals such as necklace with a turtle charm while their blankets and towels are very boho style. 10% of their net profits goes to saving marine lives. Personally, I am a huge fan of them and I have used their products before. I am more than satisfied with them what’s more is that I know I am contributing to a cause. Sand clouds partners with Surfrider foundation, Pacific marine mammal center and san diego coastkeeper. Here is a short video clip on the potential impact that you can make by simply contributing/purchasing their awesome products.

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Today I’ll be sharing with you a 25% discount code on your first purchase. Simply click here to access their website and sign up 🙂 You’ll be rewarded with 25% instantly. Also you can receive an additional discount code of 25% if you purchase anything on their website.


Use this discount code to get an additional 25% off!!

I hope you have a good shopping experience, feeling as satisfied as I did while at the same time feeling good that you have just made a difference 🙂

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