Dealing With Low Self-Esteem

I believe that everyone at some point in their life would have dabbled with the issue of low self-esteem. It is inevitable to lack confidence in something. I personally struggled with acne and weight. My acne was just rampant especially over my forehead while I kept having this image that I was fat when clearly by society’s standards I wasn’t. No one is perfect, we’d all have to face this issue and go through these roller coaster of emotions. However, in order to ensure things still follow through and that the ride is a smooth one despite ups and downs, I’ve complied some tips on how to deal with low-self esteem.

  1. Look beyond what’s in front of you

If you’re just like me, I’d go green with jealously whenever I look at pretty women or slim ones on instagram or even when my friends post beautiful photos on their trips. Just wishing how my life would be so much better if I were them. However, photos are very deceiving especially those on instagram. Instagramers are able to choose the kind of person they wish to be in others eyes. For instance, an instagramer that only posts photos of himself/herself travelling looking all happy. We wouldn’t know for sure how he/she is feeling on the inside. Understand that everyone has their struggles and just because you may be in a shitty situation, doesn’t mean you don’t lead a happy and blissful life.

2. Do something productive

Most of the time, we feel horrible when we aren’t doing well in whatever we have set our mind to do. A classic example would be doing your math homework. Let’s say you’re struggling with a math question and even after skipping tons of other questions you still couldn’t do any. As a result of that, you blame yourself for being stupid. Next time that happens, I suggest you take a break and do something you’re good at just to gain back your confidence and make you feel better about yourself.

3. People don’t actually care

We always seem to be wary of the opinions of others. Would this dress make me look fat? Is this bag too tacky? But I look fat! Truth be told, people on the streets aren’t even going to remember you or even notice what earrings you’re wearing. No one is going to remember you as ‘the girl that had a tacky handbag’ . What would make you stand out is wearing your confidence. Chin up, chest out, back straight. Confidence is every person’s best asset. It’s what makes you charismatic.

4. Talk it out

We humans tend to allow our emotions to build up, holding in all our anger, sadness and frustration. However, this is a really unhealthy habit. Instead of bottling your feelings up, why not have an avenue to release all that pent up angst in you by talking it to someone or playing your favourite sport. Talking to someone is really powerful it doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you’re close to. Sometimes I find it easier to talk to or confide in people I have not known before because they don’t have a preconceived notion of the kind of person you are and what they are evaluating is based solely on what you tell them and is focused on the present. Your past doesn’t matter to them. Hence they are able to provide a more objective point of view.

I hope you have found this article useful and whenever you’re feeling blue, feel free to email me  . I’m always happy to help 🙂

I will never apologise for being me. You should apologise for asking me to be someone else’

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