Weight-loss Transformation

I was never considered overweight (other than primary school) nor did I look really chubby. But I struggled a lot with my weight and body image even till this day. As I was scrolling through my photo album (on my phone), I came across my old photos and compared it to my recent photos. I was pretty shocked that I evidently lost weight/fat around my thigh area. When Bryan took photos of me, I’d always ask:



He’d reply : ‘yes it is. Unedited’ 

It isn’t just my thighs that looked slimmer but I believe my arms too. Plus, I used to have a belly (around the lower abdomen) which I know most girls are insecure about. I’d always feel super miserable and hate myself for being ‘fat’ . I experimented with all sorts of diets, from paleo to calorie restriction. Those diets were ‘crash diets’ which you’ll definitely see results within a few days/weeks. However, such diets would only screw up your metabolism and cause you to binge out after time. This is because we’re depriving our body of the essential nutrients for it to thrive. Thus the fat burning process and other bodily functions can’t be efficiently carried out.

Let’s take a look at a case study: Ryan Benson

Ryan won one of the largest American TV Show, The Biggest Loser. His diet involved a daily caloric intake of 1,000-1,200 per day. He was also taking diuretic pills to pee out excess water weight and did TONS of exercise. No doubt did he lose weight on the scales from 330 pounds (about 150 kg) to 208 pounds (about 94kg) 

Click here to see images

Right after the show, he started binging and gained 30 pounds (about 13kg)  within a few days. Soon after, he gradually started putting on the weight that he lost. His latest weight (which I got off the net) is 300 pounds (about 136 kg). Click here to watch a video on why ‘Biggest Loser’ Winners regain their weight after the show. Also click here to watch Freelee’s take on it.

As you can see, crash dieting does not work long term as it isn’t sustainable. I’d wish someone told me that by restricting my calories, I was actually damaging my metabolism, causing it to slow down. After watching some amazing weightloss results by Vegan youtubers, I was so inspired. Thats also one of the reasons why I chose this lifestyle (for long term sustainable weight loss) 

2-3 months in, I still wasn’t feeling my best. My belly (billy) was still there, and I was still a little chubby. But that didn’t deter me from continuing on this lifestyle. One reason why many people end up hopping off the Vegan wagon is because they want results immediately. Plus, more often than not, we’re more likely to fuel our greed than to ‘sacrifice’ our taste buds for the sake of animals. I believe we ought to educate ourselves on the ethical side of Veganism. In that way, will we stay on track and not lose focus.

If you’re embarking on this Vegan journey for weight loss reasons, I sincerely hope you’ll educate yourself about the ethical side too. And understand that we’ve been doing harm to our body for many years, (18 years for me), that 2-3 months of being Vegan would not absolve ourselves from it. It takes patience and time for our body to heal.


It took me 1 year to get here. And I did so by just going Vegan, which meant that I still consumed the same amount (if not more) calories than I did before going Vegan. No more yoyo-ing of my weight anymore 🙂 Oh and I don’t ever weigh myself, for fear that I’ll stray down the bulimia/anorexia track again. Ultimately it isn’t about your weight (cos its just a number) but it’s about feeling your best/confident and looking good. 

Be inspired and get Vegucated

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food


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