Review on Pita Pan and Pita and Olives

Being a Vegan does not mean that you’re restricted to just eating Western cuisine (spaghetti, potatoes, salads). You will also get to enjoy a myriad of other cuisines such as Mexican, Mediterranean, Chinese, Indian, Malay, etc. with Mediterranean being one of my favourite. This means having hummus, chickpeas, falafels, pita breads and many more. Whats best is that its 90% Vegan (I ordered a 100% Vegan one) as they offer meat too (for Pita and Olives). Pita Pan is fully vegetarian while Pita and Olives has a non-veg menu.

What I love about Pita Pan is that its located just outside the arts and science museum and hence you’ll get to enjoy the amazing view of Marina Bay while you eat. They also have an extensive menu. However if you’re Vegan, please be sure to specify you’re dietary needs to them and they will make the necessary changes. What I ordered was the Falafel platter for $33 bucks. Indeed, it is slightly on the pricey side, however it is enough for 3.


<Pita and Olives>

What I love about Pita and Olives is that they have many outlets (though I’ve only been to the one at Pasarbella). Apparently, everything is handmade, from their pita breads to their falafels. One platter is $15 which is sufficient for 1 person. And because Pasarbella has other stalls that are non Vegan, it’s a good place for you to have a meal with your non-veg friends! That way you wouldn’t have to eat exclusively. Pasarbella also has Sarnies and they sell COCOwhip which is 100% Vegan.

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