Behind the Scenes of a Slaughterhouse

Just like Your dog or cat, cows and pigs are also innocent living and breathing creatures. All of them are wonderfully made and like You and I, they would like to live their life to the fullest too. I find it extremely peculiar that people are able turn a blind eye to the torture of cows and pigs (or any other livestock animal for that matter) when they have zero tolerance for cruelty to dogs and cats. Are domesticated pets any different from animals at the farm? If we truly love animals, shouldn’t we be kind to every kind? I read this short story of how a cow was tricked to her death which really broke my heart.This is an excerpt from the book ‘The Main Street Vegan’ hence all rights go to Ms Victoria.

photo-1425149620383-70964d1e7a9dIn the end comes the slaughterhouse. I spent a day in one. The screams, and the smells, will never leave me. But my clearest memory is of one animal, a used-up dairy cow who hadn’t come from a factory farm. She knew humans and didn’t except to be murdered by them. When she stopped in her tracks, unwilling to proceed up the ramp to her death, the man who was to stun her with a captive-bolt pistol – a mercy, when it works – whistled to her. He whistled the way he’d whistle to his dog when he went home that evening. And even though she heard the screams and smelled the blood, she had faith in this person who pretended to be her friend.

But she was shot with the bolt, hoisted up by one leg, her throat slit, and her lovely skin sliced off her from jawbone to anus, falling into a pile for shoes and boots and belts and bags. Her carcass rushed past the USDA inspector , who had time for a cursory glance before the next one and the next and the next. She was eviscerated, and cut into pieces, by low-paid workers who spent their days in a refrigerator, ankle-deep in blood because, in that tiny Missouri town, bypassed by both the railroad and the Interstate, there was nowhere else to go. 

When her parts showed up at the store in St. Louis, in Styrofoam cradles and plastic wraps, the people who bought them knew nothing about this cow. They weren’t there when she responded to a whistle, and met her death having just exhibited a very human trait: Trust. But I was there. and because I was, it’s my obligation to tell you her story.’ 


One thing that we meat-eaters don’t realise is what happens behind closed doors. How our food comes from these beautiful creatures to being raped and murdered for our selfish desire for their flesh. Imagine on the day that you were born, someone (I’m not saying God) already planned your death in the next 5 years. These animals are voiceless. They aren’t able to speak up for themselves. This is when we Vegans come in to be a voice for the voiceless. I believe that every creature that has a central nervous system, that possesses humanistic traits, has the right to live. This is why I don’t contribute to the murder of animals of any kind. We Vegans are able to make the connection, thats why we don’t eat meat.

If you wish to purchase the ‘Main Street Vegan’ by Victoria Moran, please click on the link below. I highly recommend this book for those who are new to Veganism.


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