Dealing with Haters

Since becoming A Vegan, there have been many people that have chosen to shun away from me. To many, the term ‘Veganism’ is associated with it being a cult. Rather unfortunately, more often than not it’s those that we love dearly that hurt us the most. My parents for one simply do not understand why I became Vegan. I’ve shared with them my opinions, and I wanted to show them some videos of what happens behind the scenes of a slaughter house. However, my mum in particular was too afraid of knowing the truth. For those of you aspiring Vegans or Vegans out there, I’m most certain you’ve encountered such instances. Here are some tips on how to deal with haters based on personal experiences that I’d like to share.



1.Haters are going to Hate

There’s no point wasting time and effort on people that already have a notion/mindset ingrained after doing what you can. In this case, I’ve shown videos of animal cruelty to my parents and some friends and they still aren’t convinced to go Vegan or Vegetarian at the least. All I can do, is to respect their decision and move on. It’s important to shift our energy and focus on people who are willing to listen with an open mind. It is imperative to also note the difference between negative feedback and hate comments. Any sort of feedback is constructive, to hone our skills or improve on our product whereas hate comments can just be ignored.


2. Let it go and be fearless

Harping on them would just give you additional stress and pressure which you don’t need. Most individuals operate by fear. Initially, I was afraid of sharing the Vegan message to anyone for fear that they’ll judge me or shoot me down. However, what matters most is what makes me happy. There is always a chance that the person I’m talking to might actually just go Vegan because of something I said. If it’s something you truly believe in, don’t let fear be a hinderance. Take a leap of faith and perhaps you could just change another person’s perspective/life.


3. Do it for the believers

Instead of constantly being pessimistic and worrying about your haters, be optimistic and look to those who believe in You. Channeling your focus to people that build you up in life is very crucial. The reason why I started this blog is thanks to those who have believed in me and also those whom I have inspired to be Vegan. By surrounding Yourself with positive people, You will radiate positive vibes and subsequently be a happier person. Just by advocating Veganism and starting my own business did I start to learn and meet more people.


I’m doing this for the kind souls that have been so encouraging to me through this journey. It fills me with happiness that I have the power to impact the lives of others beyond my social circle. Most importantly, I’m doing this for the animals. You have the power to make a difference too, no matter how small it is. A simple smile always brightens someone’s day. Keep sharing with others what you truly believe in and don’t let haters affect you because they’re just not worth your time.

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