5 Tips to Start Your Day Right

fruit-juice-1332072_19201. HYDRATE WITH LEMON WATER

Hydration is crucial especially after long hours of not drinking any water for 6-8 hours while we’re asleep. Typically I’d drink 1 Litre of lemon water before I start my day. I’d use half or sometimes an entire lemon and squeeze its juice out into my mason jar and fill it up with warm water. You may be thinking ‘aren’t lemons acidic?’ However, when we drink it, it actually turns alkaline which is thus similar to our bodies pH of 7.30-7.45. Drinking 1L of lemon water 30 min before consuming your breakfast will help to detoxify and wake your digestive system up, revving up your metabolism.



Matcha Smoothie Bowl
Matcha Smoothie Bowl

It’s best to begin your day with raw nutrient-dense fruits. Mornings are also the best time to consume fruits before introducing any cooked food into your gut as fruits are fast digesting. Should you mix cooked foods with fruits, you’ll experience bloated-ness. Our cells thrive on glucose (simple sugars) and fruits is the most healthiest source of fuel. Instead of eating eggs/toast/bacon for breakfast, why not eat a banana nice cream topped with medley of fruits. This matcha smoothie bowl recipe is available under the recipes category. *Tip* consume melons alone. Melons have high water content and hence digest really quickly. Should you choose to consume melons, do so first thing in the morning before any other fruits.






Stretching improves blood circulation to the muscles especially after sleeping in a single position for hours. It also prevents injury, relieving your joints and muscles of stiffness. You don’t have to do extensive stretching like splits, a little yoga would be good. Touching your toes, bending from side to side, ankle rotations etc. would suffice. Alternatively, a short walk around your neighbourhood park would be extremely refreshing too. It’s great to get some fresh air anyway.


4. SMILE INTO THE MIRROR woman-801897_1280

To start your day on a right note, it’s important to tell yourself in the mirror ‘it’s gonna be a great day’ and smile. We often underestimate the power that a simple smile has to brighten someone’s day and that includes yours. It may seem ridiculous in the beginning, however it definitely boosts your confidence and uplifts your mood instantly. It’s comforting to see ‘someone’ smiling back at you (though its your own reflection). Try this out, you’ll be amazed.






Music, depending on the genre, really impacts one’s mood and emotions. Classical music lowers blood pressure, induces relaxation, reduces anxiety, and warms up a part of the brain used for abstract thinking. I’d usually put Arctic Monkeys’ AM album on my stereo while I carry out my daily activities. Spotify has amazing playlists already in place for you to discover and explore. My favourite track at the moment: Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High by Arctic Monkeys.

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