Around The World with $20

It was B’s birthday on the 15 of May and so I decided to take him on an adventure ‘around the world’ . One of Singapore’s most iconic feature is our Gardens By the Bay. They have 2 domes : Cloud and Flower domes. Why is it ‘around the world with $20’ ? Its because they have a wide range of plant species from all over the world and it cost $20 for Singaporeans to get entry into both domes. A reasonable price to pay for a tour around the world. The flower dome features plants from Mediterranean and other semi- arid subtropical regions. The dome is huge (about 75 Olympic sized swimming pools. Its complemented by the changing of flower fields every season. Hence even if you have already been to Gardens by the Bay, its always still worth going the second time when a new season arrives. As for this season (spring), it was tulips.


Instead of a bed of roses, it was a bed of tulips. Did you know that the name ‘Tulips’ was derived from the shape of the flower, which resembled the turban the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire wore? And apparently, Tulips are the 3rd most sought after flowers after roses and chrysanthemums. Some of them have already blossomed as you can see. I love the little walkway towards the fountain. It kinda reminded me of Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy roamed around some garden (?) If only this could be my garden’ I said to B. Aren’t the colours just so beautiful. There was also a restaurant called Pollen. I initially wanted to have dinner with B there, but unfortunately my budget does not call for it. However, I was so pleased to know that they cater to Vegans/Vegetarians too (plus point) . If you happen to feel rich that day, you may treat your date to a lovely dinner at Pollen. Also, Pollen diners will have exclusive complimentary entry into the Flower Dome.

I was super fascinated by the Tulip on the left. Its petals had texture of some sort of fabric. Those are called Fringed Tulips and they do not just come in white, but in other colours like pink too. Elegant and simple 🙂 As for the one on the right, I didn’t take note of its name but the bright red is absolutely stunning. 

Next up is Daisies. I’m an absolute fan of them. Daisies are super simple looking yet they’re so cute and vibrant that it makes your day. They also represent purity and innocence. Interestingly, daisies are made up of 2 flowers : the white petals and the yellow eye. Their petals are actually edible and high in Vitamin C. (not that i’m going to try them) . Those flowers on the right look like sunny side up eggs!

The flowers on the left are upside down and thats because they are adapted to drought. Plants lose water though their foliage, therefore plants avoid water loss by dropping their leaves in times of drought. The huge-ass aloe vera looking plant on the right is actually an Agave Sap. Never did I knew how an agave looked like, which is often use as an alternative sweetener to honey. What a revelation. 

Of course apart from all these guest flowers, there are also those residential ones like the baobabs,bottle trees and cactuses. B found one that he really loved in particular that he kept taking selfies with it. It was named ‘old man of the mountain’. 


<B being cheeky>

When we first entered the Cloud Forest,  we were blown away by the gust of cold wind and were greeted by a 35m high waterfall. In fact, it is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall! Because we went there at night, the experience is totally different from going there in the day. Though you aren’t able to see all of the plant species as you would in the day, you’ll enjoy a romantic stroll on the Tree Top walk. Best part is the cooling mist that caresses your skin, a feeling you’ll never experience anywhere else in Singapore (cos its super hot and humid).


This display is actually entirely made up of lego. The size of the Venus Fly Trap was enormous. It totally caught me off guard. I’ve always been so fascinated by these carnivorous plants that I bought one before and placed it in my backyard. These plants emit a sweet smelling scent that attract insects and once one falls into their trap, they close their lids, and subsequently secrete digestive enzymes to devour them. Read up more here.

Lastly, the Cloud Forest basement had this area called ‘5 degrees’ which showcased the devastating consequences (drought, floods, starvation, loss of animal habitat, species, etc. )with a rise of 5 degree celsius in the Earths temperature. Plus, beside it was this room called ‘Earth Check’ which had interesting facts and statistics about how mankind has brought about so much destruction upon this Earth that its affecting Global Warming. It was pretty heartbreaking to be honest (though I know for a fact that deforestation, industrialisation, livestock farming is actually taking place right now as we speak) . Those images and videos really reminded me of such terrible things that are happening today. And I’m glad that I’m actually doing my part as a Vegan in reducing my carbon foot-print. Click here to find out how so. Once in a while, I feel that we need to disconnect from our digital life and reconnect with nature, to get real. Disconnect to connect. If you know what I mean. In this society where we’re just so inundated by information, its essential to take a breather, let our eyes feast on the bright beautiful colours that nature has to offer.

Simply Breathtaking.


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