Staying Motivated





If it doesn’t challenge you, It won’t change you

-Fred Devito

Living a healthy life does not just involve eating the right foods. Thats just 80% of what makes you healthy. The other 20% is exercising regularly. Regularly meaning 2-3 times a week at least. While I was still in JC, I didn’t exercise much. I thought running once a month would suffice. But it was not only after A levels was over that I began to experience a drastic improvement in my overall health, weight and appearance. Results became apparent simply by dedicating some time to exercise.

Why should we exercise?

We need to get our lymphatic system pumping. In that way can our body eliminate waste and toxins more efficiently. It improves blood circulation and increases fresh oxygen in our cells. In the process, endorphins will be released which makes you feel good (the same kind of hormone that gets released when you eat chocolate or kiss someone. It mobilises fat deposits for elimination) Sweating is also miraculously beneficial to our skin! It purges out toxins that are responsible for clogging pores and plaguing our faces with pimples/blemishes. Plus, it flushes out substances of alcohol, cholesterol and salt too.

Beginning to exercise is such a pain and its a chore. 

Thats just the initial phase. We aren’t accustomed to incorporating exercise in our daily lives. Hence the inertia and resistance to begin. Even after exercising for the first time in forever, you may still feel unmotivated and come up with excuses to not exercise. Its perfectly normal to feel this way. However, its all about challenging yourself and breaking out of your comfort zone. Once a routine is in place, thats how the ball will start rolling on its own. I started by forcing myself to run 3 times a week for one month. And now, it feels super odd for not exercising for even 3 days.

So what keeps me motivated?

I love the sense of satisfaction I get after working out and I feel proud of myself. Also, I hate the crappy feeling I get when I don’t workout. It makes me feel heavy and flabby that I’ll feel depressed the entire day. Yes doing it for weight loss is also what pushes me, but its more of ‘tightening‘ (aka being fitter and stronger) my body than being stick thin. Watching other Vegan Youtubers Vlogging their daily lives also pushes me to get out there in the sun and go for a run. (eg. Tess Begg, BonnyRebecca) I’d occasionally watch Freelee’s videos and her body is undeniably hot. 

Its crucial to note that results don’t happen overnight. Consistency is key in obtaining your desired outcome. Same thing goes for our studies. Despite several failures or slip ups along the way, that shouldn’t be an excuse to give up. Many people have given up on this Vegan lifestyle because they don’t see instant (after 1-2 months of being Vegan) results. However, we’d wanna look at longterm and not short term achievements. Ultimately, do what works best for you, and what make you feel good. If that means going for a swim instead of a run then go for it. Start today! 🙂

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