Inspiring Individuals



Last Saturday B and I headed to Hood Bar to support his fellow friends at a gig. Apparently, every Saturday Hood Bar will have guest performers on for ‘Original Night’. This means that these musicians will have a chance to showcase a few of their own self written songs. I’m so heartened by the fact that more of such platforms are available for our local talents to show-off their creativity and sick skills. The arts scene in Singapore is finally picking up some speed.

In fact, the National Arts Council has actually organised an event called ‘noise’. Exhibitions will be held in August displaying some amazing photography and live concerts, where these talented musicians share their original songs to the public. Despite the fact that I play a number of instruments, I wouldn’t consider my amateur standards as anywhere near these people. After knowing B, I also got to know more of his talented and friendly friends which I can now call mine too. An interesting fact I discovered (and by no means am I stereotyping) is that many of these musicians come from a multitude of backgrounds – they take the path which typical people do not. That’s why I’m always fascinated to hear each of their stories.

The band in the photo is called The Betts with members Nicson, Pierre, Charles and John. When they came on with their first song, I was immediately blown away. They were so good that ‘so good’ is an understatement. Within a few minutes into their performance, I just HAD to record them and take photos because I knew this was worthy of blogging. It was quite a pity that I couldn’t really hear the lyrics. I then asked B, why haven’t they produce their own album and sell it or something. Honestly, if I were part of a music company I would Totally ask them to sign a contract with me. The Betts will definitely rock your socks off.

Another amazing band that I know called The Society with Lincoln as the lead singer 🙂 Unlike The Betts, they produce more jazz/pop, giving their audience a more chill vibe. I’ve always been a fan of Lincoln. He’s helped me with B’s birthday gift last year (which was a song) . Linc was able to come up with such a beautiful song just within a few minutes. Incredible Indeed. These people (B, Linc, The Betts, The Society, Wes, etc. ) are super inspiring and its great to see them challenge society’s norms and brace themselves of criticisms when they put themselves out there. Music is more than just a side hobby to them but their burning passion for fuels them to build a career out of it. And that is how their brains are wired differently which we can all learn from – to let our passion fuel us.

Here’s the link to one of the songs that The Betts played that day (I’m so sorry but my camera doesn’t do justice to them. They’re x100 better live) . And here’s their Facebook page. Plus, click here to watch The Society’s cover of Rumour Has It with a Jazzy twist to it. (i’m listening to it now as I’m blogging) 😉 Don’t forget to check out their facebook page too.


<You’re welcome guys 😉 >

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