#Review: Sarnies

As a Vegan, there are several things I miss. One of my all time fav was llaollao aka yoghurt. However, in Singapore we’re so blessed to have COCOWhip (right) . This decadent dessert/treat has a yoghurt-like texture and best part is, it is only made using coconut water. Hence, absolutely guilt-free. I chose the original flavour but they had other awesome ones (which i have yet to try) like the flavour of the day, matcha, and others which I  forgotten. You’ll also have the option to top it off with sweet toppings. I chose chia seeds, goji berries and Vegan brownies. Lastly, I jazzed it up with salted caramel syrup 😛

Despite the fact that it was dinner time, I still had cravings for a sweet dinner. Thus, opting for a breakfast for dinner meal aka. Granola. To be honest, the granola isn’t the best one i’ve ever tasted, common man’s one is (I may be biased). But what sets sarnies from other cafes, is that it has the COCOWHIP!! I was pretty lucky that they still had granola during that time as it’s not on the dinner menu (so it was kinda of a special request that I made). The granola supposedly came with greek yogurt but I requested for them to replace it with COCOWHIP instead. I specifically said that I’d like my COCOwhip on the granola with the toppings on top too. However, there was a HUGE misunderstanding, hence they gave me the COCOWhip separated from the granola (as you can see in the photo). Personally, I felt bad for making them run here and there (cos they didn’t really understand what i meant). But we all just laughed it off anyway. As I was digging into my scrumptious meal, a hungry Sarah ordered herself a bowl of granola too!

Upon finishing our meal, Sarah got herself a cup of rich hot chocolate. When it came, there was a little latte art (heart-shaped one) that looked so pretty. And because I’m a sucker for latte art, I decided to get myself one too! (with soy milk of course). Usually I’d be deceived by the latte art into thinking that its an awesome cup of coffee/hot chocolate. But this one by sarnies is REALLY GOOD. Its rich yet calming to my senses.

Also because coffee is their specialty, I had to have it. So while I was waiting for B to end work one day, I went over to Pasarbella at Promenade (because sarnies has a bar there too) and I drank a Mocha with almond milk. Sadly, there wasn’t any latte art as almond milk (I still prefer soy milk) can’t be frothed. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it very much. I felt like a hipster.

The bar at Pasarbella had a wider range of beverages to choose from, such as red velvet cocoa, matcha latte. I would TOTALLY get those but sadly the powder that they use contains dairy powder in it 😦 Yesterday, I also went to coffee bean to ask if their matcha latte was Vegan (even after opting for soy milk) and apparently, it contains dairy powder too. Starbucks’s matcha latte is the only one that can be Veganised (because they use vanilla syrup to sweeten it). Anyway, I think the staff at both Pasarbella and Telok Ayer are super kind and friendly, being ever so patient with me cos I took ages to decide on what drink I’d like to have.



136 Telok Ayer St, 068601


Pasarbella at Suntec

Nearest MRT: 

Telok Ayer (exit at cross st.) OR Raffles Place (exit F)


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