What Suits You Best

The current generation is obsessed with trying to fit in. When someone popular/influential starts wearing a certain clothing/accessory, we’re inclined to purchase whatever they wear too. Most of these followers are teenage girls and guys. Its pretty apparent in the recent craze for snapbacks/nike rosche/ nike flyknits/ high waisted denim skirts. This creates a homogenous culture which lacks originality and creativity. Honestly, I’m guilty of this too. Just a few weeks ago, I saw one of my co-workers wearing her eye-liner both on top and bottom of her waterline that made her look super cool and swaggy. Plus she had awesome fashion sense. I tried that look for a few weeks after only to hear my mum say ‘You put too much makeup that makes you look older than Bryan’. Several days after, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought:

Why am I trying so hard to be like her when I know this style doesn’t suit me at all’ 

She may be able to pull that look well because that’s just who she is. Thats kinda why I stopped watching make-up tutorials. Because I feel that everyone has their own style and preference. Zoella’s make-up routine works out for her but that doesn’t mean I’ll look good in it. If anything, I’ll only watch make-up tutorials for contouring/highlighting. Otherwise, I think its pretty fun to get creative and experiment the blending of different shades of brown/pink/blue.

I guess the reason why we try to fit in is because we abhor the feeling of loneliness and being ostracised. We can’t accept ourselves as who we are. You and I, we aren’t thick-skinned confident enough to say ‘i love myself and I wouldn’t change me for anyone or anything’. Its easier said than done to come to love yourself, to come to terms with your flaws and strengths. But with every effort, we’re always one step closer to achieving this idea of self-love. I personally still struggle with loving myself, however I make sure I do something that makes my cells dance and just be in my own element.

 Hence, I challenge you to find what style suits you best. Be it in terms of studying/fashion/learning/make-up/hairstyles. I grew up in an environment where if you say ‘I’ll try’ it only goes to show your lack of commitment. So instead of saying you’ll try, say ‘I’ll do it’. 


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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