Week #1 of May



I’ve been experimenting with different types of eyeliner – liquid, gel, pencil these days. I love all of them so not a particular product I’m obsessed about. So for liquid eyeliner I use Urban Decay’s Perversion 24/7 Liquid liner. A perk about using liquid over gel and pencil is that it’s easier to remove. For my Gel liner, I use Etude House’s Drawing Show Creamy Liner. I bought it in Korea so its about 50% cheaper compared to those sold in SG. It comes with the brush so thats a plus 🙂 And lastly for my pencil liner its from Innisfree their Auto Pencil. I got it in a Mocha brown shade instead of a black. The brown is a milder tone compared to black thats why I chose it and it aint as harsh. Plus, I’ve been playing around with brown eye shadow these days so its perfect ^^ Oh and i’ve been drawing on my lower waterline too to add a little drama 😉


GRANOLAAA!! Omg i’m absolutely in love with granolas and I’ve been trying it out at different cafes! The one on the left is at Baker and Cook and the one on the right is at Common Man Coffee Roasters. It supposedly comes with yogurt but I opted for Soy Milk instead which tasted just as awesome! If you’re gonna order it, I suggest you either eat it on an completely empty stomach or share it with someone cos the portion is really huge. I felt bad for not finishing the one at Baker and Cook. But Common Man> Baker and Cook anytime. But Baker and Cook’s range of breads is really extensive. I was really delighted to hear that they have gluten-free breads and Vegan ones too! But in terms of atmosphere and coffee, definitely Common Man. ❤ 


Abercombie and Fitch’s Summer Playlist 2016

I went to visit my dear Megan on Friday and I made a new friend there. She told me that the same playlist is played in all A and F’s around the world! And i thought that’s super cool. So i went home and youtubed it. Apparently they have different playlist for different seasons. I initially searched it on spotify and i thought that was it but nah it ain’t. Though I’d still recommend you check that out too tho 🙂 OMG but this playlist (the link above) is DOPE. My fav songs from it include Real, I will, and Haunting. I get loads of chill vibes by just listening to it.


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