Misconception about Carbs



In this day and age, everyone has demonised carbs and made it seem as though it’s the one thats causing weight gain. Even I am guilty of it myself. Its only until I read ‘The Starch Solution’ by John A. McDougall that I had a revelation of how Starches are actually beneficial to our health and can potentially help with weight-loss when paired with right foods. 

With the exception of wealthy aristocrats, humans throughout history have derived most of their energy from starch.’ However, now with the burgeoning rich across the globe, we are all adopting the diet of these wealthy aristocrats which means eating from tables heaped high with meat, cheese, dairy and eggs.

The fat you eat, is the fat you wear’ 

Starches are what fuels us with energy and abundance of nutrients. Not only does it meet your protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals, it is also a ‘clean-burning’ fuel. Unlike meat and other animal products, it does not contain any hormones, salmonella, E.coli. In 2002, the World Health Organization published an article explaining that the shift toward refind foods, foods of animal origin, and increased fats was behind the global epidemics of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The American Diet:

  • 20% starch
  • 70% meat and dairy
  • 5% fruits
  • 5% vegetables

The Starch Solution:

  • 70% Starch
  • 0% meat and dairy
  • 10% fruits
  • 20% vegetables

Let us now debunk some myths. 



Myth: Excess starch turns to body fat

Complex carbs are broken into simple sugars in our digestive system. These sugars are used for energy. If you consume more carbs than your body can take, ‘2 pounds’ of it gets stored invisibly in your muscles and in your liver as glycogen. (as learnt in Sec2 Biology). You’ll burn off the remainder off as body heat and through physical movement. de novo lipogenesis is the process of turning starches into fats, a process that cows and pigs (into calorie-dense fats) are capable of and not humans.

Fact: Starches satisfy our appetites

They help you feel full for just 1/4of the calories in cheese and meat, and 1/9 of those in oil. When you fill up on starch, you’ll stay fuller for a longer period of time whereas if you fill your tummy with fats and oils, you’ll still feel hungry and hence want to consume more. Thats the part I don’t really get whenever people say that carbs make you fat thats why they minimise their intake. Don’t you wanna feel full more quickly to prevent you from overeating/binging?



Fat storage for the next famine

After consuming foods like dairy, meat, nuts and oils, and other fatty foods, you’ll absorb the fat from your intestine into your bloodstream. Subsequently, it’ll be transported to billions of adipose (fat) cells for storage. It only takes 3 calories for this efficient process to occur.

Adopting a diet centered on starchy foods would allow you to lose weight effortlessly. The lack of carbs (aka. Paleo diets) may cause depression and loss of appetite. Athletes know the importance of ‘carbo-loading’ to ensure peak performance levels. It also improves blood circulation to all tissues in the body. Your skin will start to glow. ‘A welcome by-product of eating low-fat starches is the elimination of oily skim, blackheads, whiteheads and acne’.


Why not try this out and increase your intake of carbs and reduce your intake of animal products and see how you feel 🙂

Watch this video! This lady was eating a plant based diet and unlimited carbs (with no exercise) but yet she lost a couple of pounds.




I am by no means a doctor, these information I collated based on articles and books I’ve read.

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