April Obsessions



A couple of weeks ago I went grocery shopping with Natascha and we came across this brand of granola. Granola is my staple in ANY cereal/smoothie bowl because of its crunchy-ness. I didn’t purchase it then because I still had some granola back at home. Yesterday I decided to have a go at it. And OMG this is AMAZING and super healthy. Unlike most Granolas that are highly processed and coated with sugar, Lizi’s granola doesn’t use refine sugars like corn syrup and other weird chemicals. Thats the reason why Nat and I were super drawn to this product – the ingredients weren’t foreign to us.

Ingredients: Jumbo Rolled Oats, Rapeseed Oil, Desiccated Coconut, Fructose, Pecan pieces, Black Treacle, Chicory Fibre, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower seeds, Golden Linseeds, Natural Flavouring. 

Pretty simple and easy to comprehend isn’t it. This is however, not gluten free so please avoid this if you have an allergy to gluten. Whats really sets this product apart from other brands is that it is low glycemic. This means that it wouldn’t cause sudden blood sugar spikes. Black treacle aka. molasses adds a rich dark flavour without affecting your blood sugar levels. The downside however is that its pretty pricey. It cost around $17 at Cold Storage 😦 Alternatively, you could always make your own homemade granola with the same ingredients.



Yup you guessed it! Its Acai Bowls. Okay i’m kinda caught in between Acai and Pong but Acai can’t beat my Pong streak. Ever since I discovered Pong, I went there almost every single day. I went there 4 times in a row 😛 and brought my lovely girlfriends there too. Everyone loves it. But great news, I managed to get my Pong cravings under control and haven’t had it for 1 week -ish. On the other hand, I guess I allow myself to indulge in Acai more because it isn’t as fattening compared to coconut and these days I’ve been trying to go Rawtill4 to see if it works for me. It seems to be working great and I feel more energised 🙂 Oh and please eat your Raw foods before cooked foods to allow optimal nutrients absorption in your intestines.


Adventure Club – Limitless (feat. Delaney Jane) 

I fell in love with this song after watching the latest episode of Asia’s Next Top Model. EDM genre which isn’t really my thing but somehow this song really motivates me yet allows me to relax. Kinda contradicting but you gotta admit it, its true. Whenever I run, I’d play this multiple times to push myself to run further. Personally, music acts as a distraction whenever I do something physically draining (aka. exercising) . It diverts my attention from fatigue to the music. Music just takes you to another dimension and I think that’s why people are able to get high just by listening to EDM or simply chill and relax by listening to indie or classical music. What I’ve picked up from my cafe is also the fact that Music does have a direct impact on the mood and atmosphere of customers and staff. I’d usually have my cafe playlist on which includes artists like Daniela Andrade, John Mayer, and other jazz songs. Everyone is more patient and calm. Here is an article that reveals more about how the speed, rhythm, and tempo of music can impact your decisions and behaviour.



SNAPCHAT FILTERS. OMG all these whacky, funny and cute filters drive B and I cray. For those who follow me on snapchat, so sorry not for the spam 😛 My fav is the sparkly one cos it does my eyeliner for me hahaha. Seriously snapchat makes ANYONE look good. Dee Kosh also mentions that sometimes he’s convinced he looks better as a dog. (i can’t seem to find the video) But its absolutely true. I think i look better with those filters hahah. @gooyokers follow me on snapchat while you’re at it.

Just look at how sultry and sexy B looks. I think he looks better as a girl sometimes to be honest. ❤ hahahaha. 


Yes nowadays I’m loving the quality time and heart to heart talks with my beloved girlfriends and of course my B. In this self obsessed world that we live in, we’d usually spend more time trying to take the perfect selfie with friends rather than living in the moment and enjoying each other’s company. On my date with Megs, we were so engrossed in our conversations that it was just right before we leave that we realised we haven’t taken a photo together (which we usually would). Same goes for times spent with Nadia and Sarah. Theres no need for an instagram post for us to prove to people that we’re ‘having a good time’ or we’re the ‘best of friends’. I understand that some friendships are somewhat superficial and they only take instagram shots to either gain popularity or for image/reputation sake. I find that genuine friendship comes from the ❤ What matters is the life that You choose to live, the friends you choose to have. Honestly, the world doesn’t really care much. Even if they do notice, that attention/glamour/fame is only short-lived. Because the world is constantly on the look out for new gossips and rumours.

Point is, let’s invest our precious time on friendships/relationships that are worth keeping. And put your phone down for just that few hours (it really distracts You and I).

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