Annoying Acne

Popping your pimple may win you the battle, but not the war

Acne has plague me for the longest time. I believe that many of y’all teens out there struggle with the same issue. It strikes a blow at our self esteem to the point where we feel as if we can’t face the world. YA FEEL??? Cos thats how I felt for months… Here are some pictorial evidence to show you how bad it was. Yes i took photos.



This was just the beginning which is also prior to me hopping on the Vegan wagon. Don’t you just wanna pop it everytime you see those ‘ripe’ ones? But please do not because that will just cause the bacteria to move into neighbouring pores, aggravating your already acne-proned skin. You can find out more here. 

Its also pretty funny how if you stress about your acne, it would just multiply even faster. This is due to increased cortisol levels which comes about when we’re stressed or sleep too late at night. Cortisol not only causes acne, but also causes weight gain.

Presence of acne also suggests that your digestive system is poor. I had no idea that meat and dairy had such an impact on my skin and my overall health.

Firstly, the meat that we consume would be resting in our stomaches and intestines for a prolong period of time because its slow digesting. That really sucked for me because I only pooped every once in 3 days. So my colon is pretty much clogged up with junk. An inefficient colon (aka. weak digestive system) translate to acne especially ON THE FOREHEAD. I’m not the best debater or the best speaker so I’ll link one of my very first freelee videos that changed my perspective and how everything just made sense to me. (A revelation) 

Secondly, dairy is the MAIN culprit behind acne. Vegan or not, doctors, dieticians and other health care professional would advise you to out out or down on dairy products. This is because nowadays cows are injected with rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) that stimulates greater milk production in them. Which then comes Udder infections and hence PUS. So what we’re essentially drinking is cow pus. This creates a massive inflammation when we consume it as our body identifies these hormones as foreign substances. Inflammation hence Acne. Here is my favourite article which has also helped my fellow beloved friend Nadiah to stop taking dairy and opting for plant-based milk instead such as soy/rice/oat etc.


  • lack of sleep
  • poor digestion due to meat and dairy
  • stressed
  • lack of exercise


<This was when it was at its worse>

My parting words to all my viewers (aka friends): despite you feeling like absolute crap right now, trust me when i say I’ve been there done that and if you truly wanna put all these unnecessary acne troubles behind you once and for all, the ideal case is to cut out meat and dairy. Experiment it for 30 days and see  how it goes for you. Just as it did wonders for me. And don’t try to cover it up with make up. It’ll just irritate the skin further and cause more redness. People WILL notice when your skin is getting better and when that happens that becomes a confidence booster instantly. How you look is reflected on how you feel inside. Your physical, mental, emotional well-being plays a part. and DIET  of course. Oh and keep exercising to improve blood circulation 🙂


<2 months after becoming a Vegan> 

and now, my skin is clear as ever. You can have a look under the about tab.

One thing that I realise is that we NEED to follow a skin care regiment. One that works for you. What works for me may not work for you. And to be honest I never thought how important it is to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise until my Korea trip. For me, I believe in Asian products like Innisfree and Beyond instead of UK/US/Aussie brands as they have a different skin type from asians which the product is customed to their skin type.  Thank you very much for taking your time to read. Hope you’re inspired//

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