Humble Beginnings before being A Vegan

From small beginnings come great things


I believe that everyone has to start somewhere. Typically, the first thing to do would be to plan out what you’d like to achieve and subsequently taking the necessary steps to get there. Everyone has their journey before being A Vegan, but what matters most is getting there at the end of the day.


The problem with me is that I always struggle with body image issues. Since the age of 14, I was so obsessed with losing weight. And it didn’t help that people around me had eating disorders too. In such a toxic environment, it instinctively becomes a monkey see monkey do kinda thing, and hence i slipped down that road of bulimia/anorexia. By the end of 3 months, my weight hit an all time low of 43kg which is wayyyyyy below my BMI standards. So effectively, I lost 7kg within that span of 3 months.


My friends then looked at me with concerned eyes, thinking that I’ve lost too much weight. But I just ignored them…

Soon after, my parents found out that I was purging out my food and restricting my calorie intake. They got SO MAD. 

I then stopped all my bad habits for awhile…

I could never get it under control. I reckon many women/teenagers out there struggle with body image issues. How others see us become so crucial and we place so much emphasis on people’s opinions of us when in fact it doesn’t really matter.

Bulimia/Anorexia/Binge eating (yes its a disorder) is like a black hole. Once we start, we can’t stop. Even if we manage to get it under control. At some point, we will eventually crumble and fall prey to our old (sick) habits. Recently, I watched a video about eating disorders. This lady drew an analogy to us humans holding our breath. Yea we are able to hold our breath but humans NEED air. Hence, we will then start gasping for air. In a way, after a time of food deprivation, or in other words, famine, we would succumb to all foods/sweet treats we once crave for (eg. ice cream, pancakes, waffles, bingsu, llaollao). At the end of the day, you could possibly be gaining the weight you lost, worse still, you may just be heavier than what you were.

What if I told you that there is a way out of this rollercoaster ride. What if I told you you can stay lean and slim without having to compromise on delicious and scrumptious foods. Would you give it a shot?


Try going VEGAN

One reason why people resist change is because they focus on what they have to GIVE UP . Instead of what they have to GAIN.

-Rick Godwin

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